The Military Mailbag

Merry Christian Fellows!

Even though many of you probably won’t be reading this issue until January or later, we of the B.L. staff join in wishing you the Lord’s blessing on this most joyous day.

Many of you will be spending your first Christmas away from loved ones and familiar scenes. At first glance, it will be a far cry from a Merry Christmas for you. Your Christmas will be far from “Merry”.

Yet if we approach this day in its true spirit, our present surroundings seem insignificant and all of us, even you on the battle front, can have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS.

On Christmas day our thoughts and our prayers will be with you. Knowing this, our greeting to you sounds less superficial and much more sincere. We know that with God’s help, you can and will have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS.

* * * * *

Just one letter this time. It’s from Pfc. Ralph De Young who is stationed in Germany. It’s dated the 17th of October.


Dear Friends;

      I am happy to be able to tell you that I am going back to the States to be discharged. My time is finally up. So you will not have to send me the B.L. anymore.

I have enjoyed reading it very much. Every article was very interesting.

When we are so far from home, our churches, and the truth they preach, all we have left is God’s Word and our church papers.

It is wonderful how “at home” you feel when you sit on your bunk and read the B.L. and other church papers.

But soon now I will be reading it back home with my wife again.

I want to thank you again for the B.L.

Your Brother in Christ, Ralph De Young


Thanks so much Ralph. It was swell hearing from you.

Ralph is from our Grand Haven church.

* * * * *

Our list of discharges is steadily growing. New names are being added to the list every month. Usually we don’t list them in our column because Concordia does the job very faithfully and we see no reason for being repetitious.

That’s it men. We’re still waiting for YOUR letters. Is it on the way?