The “Me” Generation

We are the children of the hippy generation.  The hippy generation according to the World Book Encyclopedia was a group of young men and women who believed in universal love and peace, and did not think that some people should be rich and others poor.

But we are a new generation, we don’t believe in a universal love and peace, and don’t worry about who is rich or poor, just as long as we are not poor!  We are the “me” generation.  A generation whose main goal is to glorify and raise up its own self.

This topic is one of great concern.  Because it is one that shows to us how the world is changing, and not for the better.  We have gone from a generation of love and peace to a generation of hatred and strife.  A generation that has no feelings left for anyone except for himself.  This act is going contrary to one of God’s great commands found in Matt. 19:19, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

So what happened to the generation of love and peace?  This generation was the generation of the hippies.  The generation of the hippies started in the 1960’s with the people ranging from 17 to 25, and in 1967 300,000 of them left their homes and jobs to join the movement for love and peace.  But they soon found out that they couldn’t change the society by dropping out of it, so the hippies slowly dwindled out.

When the children of the hippies were growing up in the world, they didn’t think as their parents did.  Instead of changing the world they went along with it and made it work toward their advantage.  This was the “me” generation.

A generation as defined by the Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary is “A body of living beings constituting a single step in the line of descent from an ancestor.” But how big a step have we taken and how far have we descended from our ancestors, the hippies?  Today we don’t live in love and peace with each other.  We will do anything to promote ourselves.  We think only of ourselves and not of our neighbors.  So if we can’t live in love and peace with our neighbors, how could we live in love and peace with the other nations of the world?  We can’t.  There is always strife between nations to make their lives a little more easy, or to promote themselves as the greatest nation in the world.

Is there no hope to live in love and peace with each other again?  What can we do?  First as the nations of the world we have to recognize that you can never force another nation into doing what you want.  Instead we should learn to work together, so everyone can benefit from everyone else.  We as people must learn to live in love and peace by listening to the word of God as He says in Romans 12:18, “Live peaceably with all men.”

So as you can see, this “me” generation is doing more harm than good, and to stop it we must first recognize that we are acting in this way, and are neglecting other people and God.  And once we admit that we are the “me” generation we must break that generation by showing love.  We show this love by saying we are Christians and believe in God because in I John 4:8 it reads, “God is love.”