The Loveland Protestant Reformed Christian School

On March 23, 1959 a meeting was called at the Loveland Protestant Reformed Church for all parties interested in organizing a school society.  This meeting and those following were conducted under the able leadership of the Rev. H. Kuiper until a society was formed on April 24, 1959.

The first society consisted of thirteen members, and at present has fourteen.  From this a board of five men was selected.  The school first opened its doors in September of 1961, with Miss Ruth Kuiper as the first teacher.  Now the school has twelve pupils, but then there were only seven.  The physical plant was located in the basement of the Loveland church.  When a new church was built, the school moved along with the church, and it is now located in the basement of this new building.  Since the school first opened its doors, Mr. Tom DeVries, Miss Mary Pastoor, and Miss Beverly Hoekstra have been its teachers.

The school is located three miles north of Loveland.  Six of the children live within walking distance, whereas the others ride along with the teacher.  Three of the children moved to the Loveland area within the past year.

The school is unique in many ways.  There are no Christian schools for at least sixty miles.  With only twelve pupils, it is the smallest of our Protestant Reformed schools.  The curriculum provides for only the first six grades, and sometimes not all of the grades are represented.  It is operated just like an old country school with all of the pupils in one room.  A beautiful view of the snow capped mountains can be seen from the west windows.

The people of Loveland feel that they have been bountifully blessed in having been provided with a school of their own.  Even though the school is very small and seemingly stands all by itself, it stands as a witness of God’s truths to his people.