The Key to Success

Do you recall the resolutions which you made when the school year began? You were going to study hard every night. You were going to listen closely to your instructors. You were going to do all the assignments. You were going to take neat and accurate notes. You were going to work- hard and make the school year a success. Do you remember those resolutions?

Think about them again, You were going to work hard and make the year a success?

What was your first definition of “success”? What was your second? Was a third definition necessary?

Let me explain.

You are near the mid-point of the school year and I want you to think about the first half of it.

Just before school started last fall, you made the annual resolution to “make this a successful year.” Is it going to be a success?

You realized that the term “success” was a broad term, so you defined it to be “an ’A’ in every course.” It soon became evident that the year would not be a success; however, you remembered the resolution which you bad made. Your solution to the problem was not to work a little harder, but rather to change the definition of “success.” Your new definition was; “a ‘B’ in every course.”

But, the question is, “why did the first definition fail?” Could the reason be that: the definition was not realistic? Maybe. Could it be that you were prematurely enthusiastic? Maybe. Could it be that when the time came for you to begin working, you postponed it? Probably.

Was it because of procrastination that your definition of the term “success” had to be changed? Did you spend more time in the coffee shop than you should have? Could you have used your time more effectively?

O, but it was so easy to change the definition of that broad term! After all, a “B” is a fairly good grade too, and besides, you could not study all the time.

Convincing excuses were rapidly formed. They were useful then, and they would he useful later too, if a third definition, of “success” would be needed.

If all this is true of you, I urge you to change your definition of that broad term just one more time. Make your definition be: “Success is the best I can possibly do by the grace of God.”

With that definition. Young People, you can readily understand that procrastination is a friend of the flesh and of the devil, but that it is an enemy of the soul.

Pray that the Lord will give you the strength and the desire to do your best.