The Issue at Hand, September 2021

This month’s issue of Beacon Lights is an open edition, which means that it departs from our usual pattern of having a focused theme for all the feature articles. The open format provides an opportunity for writers to submit articles on topics they find interesting and profitable to share with other members in the body of Christ. Two of the feature articles this month fit this description. We thank Dr. Marco Barone and Mr. Brian Buiter for their willingness to contribute insightful discussions on the importance of joy and delight in covenant life with God and the proper view of assurance concerning covenant children who die in infancy. Both pieces of writing are fine examples of the kind of material we are happy to include as stand-alone articles in Beacon Lights.

Readers are encouraged to keep this practice in mind. If you have a topic that is of interest to you, please feel free to reach out to the editorial staff to find out if it could be included in one of our open editions. We are always eager to receive new articles and ideas from enthusiastic young people who are willing to contribute to the mission of Beacon Lights. Sometimes a college term paper or a written assignment for a high school class turn out to be far more interesting than you expected. If you’ve composed a piece of writing with a spiritual focus that was received favorably by a teacher at either of these levels, let us know so that we can consider it for publication. And if you are a teacher who is reading this sort of material, please encourage your students to polish their work and send it to us for consideration.

The open edition format for this month also provides us with an opportunity to publish written versions of a 2019 chapel speech by Mr. Nick Kleyn and a 2021 graduation speech by Prof. Brian Huizinga. These two speeches were separated by an unusual year during which time few chapels or graduations were held in Protestant Reformed Christian schools due to the restrictions imposed by COVID19. Our prayer is that this experience has renewed our appreciation for the privilege of Christian education, which includes the public gatherings that are part of a regular school year. May we never take for granted the simple pleasure of gathering in a gym or music room to meditate upon God’s word and sing his praises with fellow children of God!

The last of our feature items this month is an interview with P.M. Kuiper, author of the recently published book Through Many Dangers. Perhaps readers have noticed the advertisement for this book on the back page of Beacon Lights over the past few months and have already gotten a copy from the RFPA. If not, we hope this interview piques your interest in reading a work of Christian historical fiction that is both exciting and edifying. As noted by the author, we could use more of this sort of material. Maybe reading it will inspire you to be the next youth author published by the RFPA!

We hope that you enjoy the diverse content of our feature articles this month along with the regular Current Events, Little Lights, and Devotional rubrics. In the next edition, we will return to a topical approach as we look forward to Reformation Day and the work of Christ in reforming his church.


Originally published September 2021, Vol 80 No 9