The Issue at Hand

The Belgic Confession of Faith, being a confession, begins with a heart-shattering confession of faith that ought to bring us to our knees. “We all believe with the heart, and confess with the mouth, that there is one only simple and spiritual Being, which we call God” (Art. 1). The article continues with a description of the one we confess as God. He is “eternal, incomprehensible, invisible, immutable, infinite, almighty, perfectly wise, just, good, and the overflowing fountain of all good.” 

Surely such a being as that cannot be approachable or knowable. After reading that list of attributes, our response can only be that of prostrating ourselves on the ground and in utter humility whispering the words of the Psalmist: “What is man, that thou art mindful of him?” (Ps. 8:4). Truly we are but dust before the Almighty God of heaven and earth. 

As we clamber back to our feet, we begin reading the next article in the confession: “We know Him by two means…” Then we stop. We know him, the God that we just read about. We know him. The wonder of divine revelation! 

We not only know God through his word, creation, and preservation and government of the universe (Art. 2), but also are given the gift of salvation. God “manifested his justice against His Son when He laid our iniquities upon Him, and poured forth his mercy and goodness upon us” (Art. 20). We deserve nothing but the eternal, just wrath of God against us for our sins, yet he satisfied his justice and mercy in his own son for our sakes. 

The Belgic Confession ends with a description of the last day, when we will see Almighty God. A glorious day that “we expect…with a most ardent desire, to the end that we may fully enjoy the promises of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Art. 37). We long for it every day that we live in this sin-wrecked world.As we daily feed ourselves on the word of God that he has revealed to us, that ardent desire for the last day is kindled anew in our hearts. That same desire is ignited in our hearts when we read the beautiful Belgic Confession. 

You do read it, right? 

Read it, cherish it in the knowledge of the sacrifices that God used to bring it to life, and read it again.