The Incarnation

Again our hearts are filled with joy
As, in a special way
We celebrate our Saviour’s birth,
Well known as “Christmas Day”.

 Our thoughts are drawn to Bethlehem
The place of Jesus birth.
The Son of God, incarnate
To dwell upon the earth.


He left His home in glory
In flesh here to abide.
Obedient to His Father
God’s will He satisfied.

 For man had deeply fallen
From his perfection state.
No longer was he free from sin
As him God did create.

 For God is just and holy
He’s righteous, He is light.
He can have no communion
With sin that’s dark as night.

 Sin cannot go unpunished
For God is truly just.
He’s righteous and He’s holy
So to punish sin He must.

 But, God had a chosen people
Elect ‘ere time began,
From eternity He loved them
So, salvation was His plan.

 He promised our first parents
That from their seed would rise
A Saviour, a Redeemer, Who truly justifies.

 The prophets too foretold it
That Christ would come some day.
That He must suffer much, and die
To take our sins away.

 Expectant parents used to hope
Their babe would be a boy.
For he might be the promised Christ,
The thought filled them with joy!

 And then, four hundred years went by
Without a single word.
It looked like David’s line ran dead.
It seemed nothing was heard.

 But, God is always faithful;
His covenant shall endure.
He never fails His loved ones.
His promises are sure.

 For an angel came to Mary
And told her of God’s plan.
She asked, “How shall this be
For I know not a man?”

 Conception by the Holy Ghost,
A miracle takes place!
Then, virgin birth, God’s Son in flesh.
A wonder of God’s grace!

 The shepherds heard about it
As they watched their flocks that night,
From an angel, then a chorus,
Oh what a wondrous sight!

 It seemed the heavens opened
As their song rang through the air,
“Glory to God in the highest”,
It echoed everywhere!

 They hastened to the manger
Where baby Jesus lay.
‘T was there the shepherds saw him
Upon a bed of hay.