The Helmet of Salvation (1): Mind Protection

“Can I go ride my bike?” Danny poked his head into the kitchen where his mom was making supper.

“Yes, but make sure you wear your helmet.”

Danny hated wearing his helmet. It was hot and rubbed against his ears. “Do I have to?”

His mom moved a pot off the burner, shut the burner off, and turned to face him. “Yes, you do. It is important to wear your helmet.”

Danny grimaced. If he had to wear his helmet, he wasn’t sure he wanted to ride his bike anymore.

His mom picked up the library book on Roman soldiers. “Roman soldiers used to wear helmets.”

Danny peered at the picture. A bowl-shaped helmet with pieces of metal hanging down by the sides of the face and a thick piece of metal at the back.

“This helmet did the same thing for the Roman soldier that your bike helmet does for you. It protected the soldier’s head. It protects the soldier’s brain.” His mom pointed at the book. “The brain is a vulnerable part of the body. If it is damaged, then back in Roman times, the person would’ve been dead. The Bible calls salvation our helmet. In Christ our salvation protects our mind from the attacks of the world and the devil. When we focus on our salvation, we keep our mind thinking thoughts directed toward God instead of elsewhere.”

Danny frowned. “I still don’t want to wear my bike helmet. It’s uncomfortable.”

His mom nodded. “I know. Sometimes things that are good for us aren’t comfortable or things we want to do.”


Question to think about:

  1. Read Ephesians 6:17, 2 Samuel 22:36, Isaiah 26:1–4, and Philippians 4:8 by yourself or with your parents. How does our salvation guard and protect us?
  2. How important is our mind? Where are we supposed to direct our thoughts?