The Hazzard of Dukes

Today is a rather usual day, the children are outside playing in the snow and romping about. Many of the usual noises are to be heard-yelling, screaming and other sounds of jubilation-a joy just to be able to be alive and free in play. But wait, a late luncher is speaking to another of his kind in the hall as they get ready to join the jubilant horde outside; my ear just happens to pick up some of the conversation as the two immerse themselves in their winter garb, some argumentation it seems! Oh yes, I can hear it clearer now. The talk of one to the other becomes somewhat more heated and as the two begin to exit through the rear door, the word “dipstick” is suddenly used in a not too kosher fashion. It seems to me that I have heard this before, somewhere. But where? It is suddenly clear to me now, I have heard it as part of the lingo used on a popular television program. Yes, on that horrid beast-the television. The tentacles of the beast are far reaching; they are long and slender, nearly impossible to see till it is almost too late. Long stealthily waving appendages with inherent suction (or is it seduction?), so one in its grasp can hardly wriggle free.

In spite of the threat, it seems we allow ourselves to be allured into its grasp. This yet is not the most serious, but it is that children are being taken hold upon by this beast. The looming disaster is just over the horizon …. The question seems to echo in from a distance …. What disaster?

Have the tentacles of the beast also clenched upon us that we should be unaware of the impending threat? What is that monster doing with our children, the covenant seed? The answer is simple … It is teaching them. Its ideals are appealing to the human nature-defy authority, treat it with disdain, show its stupidity…justice in the end in unjust…do your own thing, have your own space, follow your sinful desires…worship money, cherish the things of the earth. give vent to the pride of life and the lusts of the flesh….be reckless because this earthly vessel is not the temple of the Lord, squander the things God has given…need we continue?

It is easy to see that all of these things for the conscientious should not be appealing but appalling. Should we allow the world to have its foot in our door, not the door of our home but the door of our hearts? Will we approach the fire so nearly as to become burned or will we flee away from it? Will we immerse our children in the teaching of evil or teach them of the evils and to seek the right? Our duty-bound course is plain. May we pray for strength and wisdom to tread in the ways of the Lord.