The Glory of God – In the Home

I.  Introduction.

A.  Blessed, indeed, is a Christian home.

  1.  Children are a heritage of the Lord.

a.  “And blest the man whose age is cheered,

By stalwart sons and daughters fair;

No enemies by him are feared,

No lack of love, no want of care.”

b.  See Psalm 127:3-5.

2.  Every member in the family contributes to the atmosphere within the home.

a.  What is our respective place in our family?

1)   What is our attitude toward our parents and authority? Eph. 6:1-3; Prov. 13:1; Lord’s Day 39.

2)   What is the type of companionship existing between brothers, sisters, and ourselves?

b.  Do we strive to manifest ourselves as a “heritage of the Lord”?

1)   Are we confidential with family members? Do we discuss our prob­lems, our ideals, and goals with one another?

2)   Are we happy, helpful, generous, cooperative, and sympathetic?

3)   Are we an inspiration for “good” in our family circle?

4)   Are we active and gay in public, and passive and sullen at home?

c.  Make an objective analysis of yourself.

1) Just what is my calling in the particular family in which God has placed me?

a) Am I fulfilling that station in life to the best of my ability and to God’s honor and glory?


II.  Various Phases of Family Life.

A.  The Family Altar: Is it a mere tradition or a living reality?

1.  Prayer.

a.  Table worship.

1)   Is it merely lip service or sincere expression of devotions?

2)   Do we as young people ever lead in prayer?

b.  Personal prayer life.

1)   Are we conscious of His presence that we ever call upon His name?  Ps. 55:17; Acts 10:2; Ps. 5:3.

2)   Do we feel strengthened and comforted after this communion with God?

3)   Do our prayers rise above the carnal seeking of self and our own Ambitions?

4)   Do we glorify God in our prayers?

2.  Scripture Reading.

a.  What is our attitude during the reading at the table? Do we con­centrate on Scripture, or are we eager to finish to be able to leave for sports, etc.?

b.  Do we ever ask for explanations and contribute to others questioning?

c.  On the Sabbath it might be well to read and discuss Beacon Lights lesson for following week.

d.  Do we study the Scriptures daily to grow in the knowledge of God?

3.  Reverence.

a.  Do all sacred things make us stand in awe of Him and His glory? Ps. 4:4; Deut. 10:12; Is. 8:13.

b.  Does a spirit of reverence pervade our home? Ps. 89:7.

B.  Activities Within The Home.

1.  Recreation.

a,  How do we spend our “leisure” time? Are we “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God”?

b.  Games—can entire family participate as one unit?

c.  Do we bring our friends home?

“Happiness grows at our own fireside and is not to be plucked in strangers gardens”.—Douglas Gerald.

2.  Music.

a.  Are the songs we sing distinctive? Eph. 5:19. Do we sing around the piano as family and friends?

b.  Is the radio and piano playing attuned to the glory of God?

3.  Literature.

a.  Do we peruse and study church papers.

b.  Are the stories, novels, articles, etc., we read, edifying and instructive?


III. Influences Which Tend To Corrupt and Undermine Our Home Life.

A.  Spirit of amalgamation with the world.

1.  Are we ashamed of the “faith of our fathers” and resulting old-fashioned practices.

2.  Do we pattern ourselves after the world in dress, actions, speech?

a.  Is our speech distinctive? What about slang, catching phrases, unkind remarks, sarcasm?

“Discretion in speech is more than eloquence.”—Bacon.

“You cannot recall the spoken word.”—Emerson.

“Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips and a deceitful tongue.” James 3:3.

B.  Our Modern “busy” Life.

1.  Do we take time to be holy; speak oft with our God?

a.  Are we “too busy’’ to enrich our spiritual life and reflect it in our home life to God’s glory?

2.  With what are we busy?

a.  Do sports interfere with family worship?

C.  Disintegration of “family unit”.

1.  Family members becoming increasingly active in an independent sphere. Less time spent at home.

2.  Youth seeking excitement outside of home.

3.  Family hearth merely traditional.


IV.  Application For Society Programs.

A.  Debate.

1.  Resolved: The radio is more detrimental than beneficial to realizing Glory of God in the Home.

B.  Essays.

1.  How can we be distinctive in our homes?

2.  How young people can most profitably spend the Sabbath Day.

3.  What we can do as young people to make our family altar a living reality?

C.  Panel Discussions.

1.  How we are preparing in our youth the rudiments for our own future family life.

2.  How our speech in the home can be a manifestation of the consciousness of God’s glory.

D.  Impromptu Topics.

1.  Why I like to entertain my friends at home.

2.  What we can do to stimulate proper relationship among members in our families.

3.  How we can use our leisure time to the best advantage.