The Farbers

Written by Gertrude Hoeksema, illustrated by Terri Gleason VandeVegte. 203 pages, $14.95 reg. price; $12.95 sale price (hardcover).

With subjects ranging from school to 4H, broken arms to broken hearts, lambs to wombats, fishing to stealing and Upper Michigan to Tasmania, this book will keep your children begging for more. We’re thankful that Mrs. Hoeksema has written these stories and that the Heritage Christian School Fundraisers have had it published.

From the very first chapter, the reader is taken into the life of the Farber family with their five children:

—Alice, who is in the first grade and whose eyes get black when she gets mad.

—Ben, who is in the third grade and who kicked the steer, Pirate, because he hated his own new braces.

—Terry, who is in 5th grade—tough Terry who fainted when his friend got hurt.

—Beth, who is in 7th grade—Miss Prim, who wants pierced ears so badly she lies to get them.

—Joe, who is in 9th grade and learned first hand what the wine of astonishment meant (Psalm 60:3).

The stories hold special appeal because they are written in first person from each member of the family. They are very entertaining, with the 4H show, family camping, and most important they each have a message children can understand to help them live their lives as children of God.

Obedience first comes through strongly in the stories and the consequences of disobedience are easily understood. The stories show the important place Scripture holds in family life.

You will feel the emotions the author expresses so well in her writings; emotions of fear, excitement, shame, guilt, sorrow and joy.

Each story in itself can lead to a good discussion with your children as you laugh or cry with the characters in their problems—you’ll find your own there somewhere!

The book is a wonderful, clear picture to children of the life of the covenant family. I recommend it for children of all ages.

The book is available at the Reformed Book Outlet in Hudsonville, MI or by contacting:

Heritage Fundraisers

4702 40th Avenue

Hudsonville, MI 49426.