The Devil’s Influence in Music

Rock-N-Roll evolved greatly since the time of the 50’s when it originated.  Adults back then were upset because they couldn’t and didn’t understand the music and lyrics.  Today rock has created more opposition than that against music back then.  Now the lyrics are clearer.  The issue concerning them today is whether they influence kids’ actions.  Although there is disagreement about this between kids and parents, the rock today and heavy metal does express graphically, and thus promotes suicide, murder, Satanism and perverse actions.

Kids explain it is the fault of the demented minds of kids or peer pressure which influences them to perform satanic rituals or even commit suicide.  They say that some lyrics may mention such things as suicide, murder, and other things, but it doesn’t mean that these groups are promoting and encouraging kids to behave in such a manner.

The kids also say that just a few rock groups may have some perverse and disgusting lyrics, but not all groups are alike.  They also say there are a lot of bands which are Christian rock groups and in a religious way do not promote perverse lyrics.

Throughout our nation kids are committing suicide.  Almost all of these kids had been known to listen to heavy metal music and previously committed satanic rituals.  The exceptions were mostly due to depression.

Just the names of the groups express ideas of death and Satanism.  For example, a group named ACDC.  The letters in this name stand for antichrist devil’s children.  Now any normal person can conclude logically that this group promotes the devil.  Other groups’ names such as Molly Hatchet, Megadeath, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, and the Violent Ferns express ideas of death and violence.

The singers of such groups are known to be drug addicts and alcoholics.  Also their behavior and actions on stage and in public prove they have absolutely no morals.  Such things as biting the heads off rats or encouraging female concert goers to remove their shirts certainly do not set good examples for their teenage fans.

Their sick names and uncontrollable behavior is only part of the problem.  The lyrics of their songs are also proof that these musicians promote Satanism, murder, and suicide.  Here are some examples of lyrics.  These lyrics belong to a popular group named Guns ‘N Roses:

“I used to love her, but I had to kill her

I used to love her, but I had to kill her

I had to put her six feet under

And I can still hear her complain

I knew I’d miss her, and I had to keep her

So I buried her right in my back yard.”

Here is another example from a group called Motley Crue:

“The blade of my knife faced away from your heart

But those last few nights it turned and sliced you apart.”

Now, could anyone with at least some morals logically say that these songs do not promote murder, fornication, and satanic ideas.  Absolutely not.  These songs clearly show that the demented ideas of rock singers would influence kids when they listen to it day after day.

Although there is disagreement, even though there shouldn’t be, it is obvious from these few examples out of many that these musicians do condone and promote murder, Satanism, suicide, and perverse actions.  There is no need for such mind-altering music.  God gave us music to praise Him with.  He didn’t give it to us so we could sing about such things as murder and satanic rituals.