The Depth of the Water

Water is one of the most common sub­stances around us, but yet it is one of the most important compounds necessary for life. Beside these uses for water which we see around us every day such as hydro-electric power, transportation, and crop growth; there are many bio­logical uses which are unconsciously tak­ing place constantly. Next to man’s de­sire for air, ranks his desire for water. One cannot realize his great dependence upon water until he is deprived of it. Water plays a very important part in our lives but still it is a substance that scientists know little about

We do not need water merely because we are thirsty at times; but all of our body functions rely on it. Our food must be dissolved in water in order that they can be carried by the blood stream to the various parts of the body. Even the air we breathe must be dissolved in water before it can pass from the tissues of our lungs into the blood stream. The large amount of water in cur bodies— about sixty-five percent of the body’s weight—helps us to maintain a constant body temperature. It takes much heat to raise the temperature of this amount of water a few degrees. Therefore our bodies can absorb much heat before the body temperature is raised. Because of this fact our bodies are also cooled by water when it appears in the form of sweat and evaporates from our skin. Because of the great need that a living body has for water man and animals will go through great lengths to obtain water. Upon realizing a little bit the great need a body has for water, we can better understand the pant of the hart ‘‘after the water brooks” and further­more in connection with Ps. 42, under­stand the great thirst our souls must have after the living God,

Water is composed of one part of oxygen and two parts of hydrogen. Oxygen is a gas which is abundantly found in the atmosphere of the earth. Oxygen is very necessary to life because it re­leases the energy in the food which is taken into our bodies and as you know it is one of the three necessities for burning. Hydrogen is also a gas but it is not found naturally in the earth’s at­mosphere because of its light weight. Hydrogen is the gas that was used some years ago in dirigibles and as some can remember it caused many explosions because it is highly inflammable. It is interesting to notice that when oxygen, the very substance that is necessary for burning, is united with hydrogen, the substance that is so very inflammable, that water, the substance with which we fight fire, is produced.

Because scientists know the components of water, they can predict how water will behave as a combination of oxygen and hydrogen; but, water does not behave as they would predict it to behave. Scientists have been puzzled for ages about the strange activities of the water molecule. As all of you know, by experiencing the trouble of cracked radiators and water pipes, water ex­pands upon freezing. This fact is not a nuisance but very divinely planned in the creation of water. If it were not for the fact that water expanded when freez­ing, ice would not float and all the mar­ine life in a body of water would have been extinct years ago. Scientists have been searching for centuries for an ex­planation of why a compound made up of hydrogen and oxygen should expand upon freezing but have sought in vain because they do not see God’s creation through the light of His Word and do not understand that an all-wise God created the water molecule in such a way that the animal and plant life in the sea are preserved through the winter.