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The Covenant Family

Our families are a gift, given to us on earth,

By our Heavenly Father, the God of matchless worth.

The parents must reflect God’s glory and His love,

Until someday at last, we are a family up above.


God intended families, His covenant to reflect,

Each member has responsibilities, which he may not neglect.

The Bible is the basis by which they must abide,

Trusting always in the Lord that He will be their guide.


When a home is built, the father is the head,

Making sure each day that the Bible is read,

Discipline the children, when they disobey,

Teach them how important it is for them to pray.


The mother must stay at home to raise the covenant seed,

Always supporting her husband, in thought, in word, and deed.

There must be unity between a man and his wife,

In order to raise the children in a godly walk of life.


Responsibilities are given to the young people as well,

To serve the Lord daily, in His courts to dwell.

Faithfully attending catechism, week after week,

And in private devotions, “Thy face Lord I will seek.”


Only by God’s grace the family works as one,

We must thank Him daily for the gift of His Son.

In a covenant home, there is faith, trust, and love,

That God will reunite us in His perfect home above.