The Convention a Must

The June issue of Beacon Lights will contain information about the Convention to be held this year in Fuller Avenue Church in Grand Rapids, thus I was informed.

Besides I was asked to write a short article giving reasons why the young people should attend the coming Convention. It seems to me it is not too difficult to find reasons why we as young people should attend. In fact if you stay away from the Convention you must have very good reasons.

But of course in order to attend a Convention plans have to be made in advance. For many of our young people it means that they will have to be away from home for about a week. We certainly can encourage our young people to plan their vacation so that they can be in Grand Rapids for a few days during the latter part of August. Perhaps some of our young folks never have been in Michigan, and even from that point of view it is worthwhile to attend the Convention. Grand Rapids is a very nice city, besides, most of our Protestant Reformed people live in or near Grand Rapids. Hence, why not make it a point to become acquainted with our people and churches out East?

Perhaps those that live in or near Grand Rapids will say: “We know the city and we know the people, is there any reason why we should go to the Convention?” There certainly is, in fact there are a good many reasons why you should attend this annual event.

Let me briefly enumerate a few of these reasons.

You young people should go to the Convention because it is your Convention. And all features of and activities of the Convention have you in mind. You vote for the Convention, you pay for it, you make up the Convention. Plan your vacation accordingly and be Convention bound in August.

You should attend the Convention for inspiration and edification. Conventions properly conducted are very inspirational and never to be forgotten experiences in your young life.

You should attend the Convention because of its educational value. Traveling itself, meeting people and attending meetings as we have them during Convention time is educational in itself. If you are really interested in the cause of your Societies and the truth of God as He has entrusted it unto us you cannot help but be strengthened in your convictions.

Attending a Convention also means meeting old friends and making new ones. I am well aware of the fact that it doesn’t happen to all of you but I know of at least one case where the Convention in Hull last year resulted in a cedar chest a few months later for one of the young ladies present. Two young people who were total strangers to each other became big friends in short order. But even if there is no cedar chest forthcoming what is nicer than to meet your friends, your own type of young people belonging to the same churches scattered over all of the United States. And the fact remains that quite a few couples met for the first time at a Convention.

Then of course Convention time is the big social event of the year. And now I am thinking of the banquet. Let me add, although a banquet is fine and wonderful I am afraid at times this is overdone. Some of our young people seem to think that the banquet is the whole Convention. And that’s wrong. To me the banquet can only come as a proper climax if we have first taken in all the other Convention activities.

However, my space is more than filled even though I could give several more reasons why you should attend our coming Convention. Let me briefly mention a few more without giving any comment. Encourage your host Society. Encourage your Federation Board by your presence and active interest. Be among your own and feel the bond of unity. Support the cause of your own Society. Show by your presence and active interest that you are backing up your own magazine and the men and ladies who so faithfully and unstintingly write for you and give you of their time and talents. You owe it to the young people who work so hard for you to make this annual event a success. You owe it to yourself, you are in need of this spiritual treat which is combined with fine Christian entertainment.

Don’t hesitate for a moment to make plans to go this summer. You will never regret it. It is for the welfare of you and the churches in which the Lord has given us a place.

The Convention is a must for a must for our young people who can possibly make it.

See you in Grand Rapids, D. V.?