The Church of Wilhelminadorp

In the Dutch province of Zeeland the greatest number of churches has been built since 1100 A.D, first of wood, but later replaced by buildings of hewn stone or hard-baked bricks. The builders usually came from Flanders, led by monks. After the Reformation the interior of all those churches were changed, so that the center of attention was no longer the beginning of the building, where the altar was, but to the middle where the pulpit came.

On the island of Zuid-Beveland, over eight centuries, land was reclaimed from the sea and numerous dikes were made. In the western part in 1809 a big new “polder” (from Wolphartsdijk till Kattendijke) was ready and at once a State Reformed church was built, which is shown in the picture. It was made of small bricks with a wooden tower on top.