The Christian Insurance Salesman

Our calling as Christians is to carry out the sovereign will of God. That sovereign will of God calls each and every individual to their respectful place in life. Some men are called to be factory workers, others construction workers, teachers, preachers, etc. With every position given to man by God, we have a calling to witness the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour; if we refuse to do this, we are not seeking the will of God, but rather seeking our own sin and pride.

However, to think that there is no place for a Christian in the insurance business today is not true. Many times when someone asks, “What do you do or a living?” and are told, “I am an insurance salesman,” they think bad of you, that you must be a crook or a dishonest person to be selling insurance. To even think this is a terrible sin, for we must remember that we are placed in our respectful occupations by our Heavenly Father.

People wonder if it’s right for an insurance salesman to prepare other people, as well as other Christians, for a financial loss caused by the increasing cost of medical care, knowing that God holds the future in His hand anyway. God did not create man as stocks and blocks, thinking in a fatalistic frame of mind; but rather He created man with the knowledge to perceive what is taking place around him at the present time. We must see the rise of power of a socialistic government, which is trying in every way possible to seize control of all citizens, as well as the church itself. For us not to see this, we must be blind. This is why the cost of medical care cannot be controlled by the government today; they don’t want it controlled. They want the cost of the care we need to go higher, therefore forcing the people to either continue to pay higher costs in premium rates or fall into their ungodly programs of Medicaid and other socialistic programs. They want us to look to them for all our help and, therefore, make us give allegiance to their anti-Christian rule. Christ warns us to be separate from the world, not to join these powers. In being separate from these powers, God still yet supplies our needs with insurance programs. These are means given to us by God, and we must not misuse these means.

What I mean is that we must not go way overboard with insurance programs, putting our faith and trust in money; but rather insure our responsibilities equably to the glory of God and not ourselves. Not long from now, we will be without these means, for when national health care arrives, it will put an end to all major medical programs which exist today. Therefore, I feel in my heart that God gives us means to protect ourselves and our families from falling into the arms of this ever so popular national socialism. We must not say it’s wrong to use these means God has given us, and throw our hands in the air and say, “Why should we carry insurance? God holds the future anyway, and if I have to join their medicaid and national health care programs, I might just as well for this is the way it’s supposed to be anyway.” This way of thinking is dead wrong. God gives us wisdom to see what is happening: and, therefore, we must put off the devil and his anti-Christian forces for as long as we can.

Getting to the question of whether there is an opportunity to witness Christ’s suffering and death in the insurance business, I can say before God that we Christian salesmen are given a great opportunity to witness. In many instances when working with the public, our spiritual walk in life is greatly discussed. We must bring to the surface how we stand concerning the truths of scripture. Many times the expression we receive is welcomed, but then there are times when it is not received greatly. Christ teaches us never to back down because someone doesn’t want to discuss scripture, but rather to let our light shine in the dark and grim world.

I, as a Christian insurance salesman, feel I can distribute the means given us by God to believers as well as non-believers, and in doing so point out to them from whom they have received those benefits. It’s a good feeling to know that God uses us many times through the Holy Spirit to make His name known unto others. Sometimes while at a policyholder’s home, we are called to open with prayer when asked to stay for lunch; this also strengthens us greatly. We must say to our hearts, “I thank thee, O heavenly Father, for the opportunity given to me to witness Thy name.” We as Christians must never forsake the opportunity which God places us in, when witnessing His name. We must always be ready and eager, and never be ashamed to speak the truths concerning our salvation in Christ Jesus. Through it all we are fed and nourished spiritually.

This responsibility should be looked to in every occupation that we as Christians hold down. God has given us a calling to worship Him in everything and to witness His name at any time. We must never be ashamed to discuss the things pertaining to our salvation with others in the world. We must pray, “Lord God, use me to witness Thy name whereby my faith in thee will be strengthened.”

So remember, people of God, pray that we will not be offended in Christ, but rather rejoice in the salvation He has given us; that our daily walk in life will be filled with the Holy Spirit; that the world will be able to see the reflection of Christ on our face when taking up our occupations, and when called to witness for Christ’s sake. This is not how all insurance salesmen picture their calling, but to the Christian insurance salesman, this is the only way.