The Christian and Politics

This is in response to the interesting ar­ticle, “The Christian and Politics,” August- September issue. Statements of special in­terest centered around the duty of the child of God to participate in politics; for Chris­tians to show themselves as the most exemplary and most purposeful citizens be­cause we live the life of Christ on the earth seeking God’s glory.

The writer is correct in insisting that the Christian pilgrim must not join the present two major political parties for such unholy alliance would break down the antithetical wall that separates Christians from the world. A child of God could not maintain the principles of Scripture and stay in either of the major political parties. Does this mean then that Christians have no witness at all in the political sphere? The answer: A Christian must join himself to an organi­zation that will bear the standard of Christ and His Word. However, in the absence of such an association, Christians should act on an individual basis.

Herewith are made a few comments on the possibility and desirability of organizing a Christian political witness organization, it should not be one in the sense of being a political party but as a separate organiza­tion which would promulgate the true Scriptural principles by adopting a set of truths and then witness for these in news­paper stories or in paid editorial insertions preceding election days. Also copies could be mailed to government authorities of cities, states and nation.

Here are a few political truths which should be stated in a proposed list of Chris­tian Political Principles. We surely do not need any more seminars where Christian political thinkers get together, advocating parochial and further extension of social handout programs and before they get thru with their arguments and assertions, they just about agree with everything the two major political parties stand for in their socialistic-totalitarian, sinful misuse of the God-appointed institution of government. Who of these seminar delegates would ever dare to propose that because the American public school system is wholly anti-Scriptural and sinfully totalitarian it should be changed over into parental controlled and administered school systems separated from government dictatorship and tax financing? But in any true Scriptural political witness, this would have to be one of its proposals. Then, too, if we could organize a “Christian Political Witness,” the first and most im­portant to proclaim would be the absolute sovereign Messianic rule of the Lord Jesus, the Son of God, over all rulers, potentates, kings, presidents, governors, legislators and judges and that all these should repent and believe the Gospel of Christ and be in obe­dience to His commandments in the Holy Scriptures. How can any ruler, legislator, or judge perform his duties if he does not know and obey Christ’s commandments, for according to the Word of God — Peter, first letter, chapter 2:14—they are appointed by God for the punishment of evil-doers. How do they know what is right and what is evil if they do not know God’s com­mandments? How can they provide good and right laws if these are not based upon God’s laws? Evil, socialistic laws and measures are about the only ones politicians in these days know, propose and enforce. Those in authority must be wise, honor and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Who appoints them to their offices, Psalm 2.

With our emphasis on the anti-thesis, it seems some such afore-proposed organiza­tion should come into being.