The Broad and the Narrow Way

“Enter ye in at the straight gate: for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruc­tion, and many there be which go in thereat; because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth to life, and few there be that find it.”—Matthew 7:13, 14.


The Narrow Way.

If I speak of the narrow way that al­ready implies that there is more than one way. Yes, there are two ways, as I sup­pose you know. They are the Broad and the Narrow way. And if you follow the broad way to the end it means destruc­tion, and if you follow the narrow way to the end it means you are on the way of the Cross, for the way of the Cross leads home, which is heaven, that glori­ous hereafter.

Imagine that on the forenoon of the Lord’s Day you saw a man in church, and in the afternoon you say him plough­ing, and in the evening he went to a movie, you would probably say to him: I see you haven’t found the way, surely not the narrow way? Yes, there are many so-called Christians. It probably would take all of us a life-time to know that if you are a Christian you must walk the narrow way. That means that you can’t carry your sin and personal pleasures with you. You can’t get thru the narrow way unless you leave all of them behind you, for narrow is the way which leadeth to life. The narrow way requires self-denial, and you will be considered foolish by those who walk on the broad way. Yes, if you travel the narrow way you will see dead bodies who have died for the righteousness of God, or who probably said, God is God and none other. If you are on the nar­row way you surely must figure on a lot of suffering and of being persecuted for righteousness sake. If you are on the broad way you can all your life enjoy the sins and pleasures of the world; you can stay with the big crowd or with the big construction company who are striving to build a new road which they think will lead to glory. It of course is a much easier highway than we must travel; but as they are traveling their road they don’t realize that at the end of their road lies destruction, utter darkness. We must travel the narrow way as Jesus says: I am the Way. No, natural man does not want this way. He can’t even find it. It is only by the divine grace of God if you have found the narrow way, and yet there are so few that find it. Eliminate the cross and then you can join the unions of the world, you can sit with them in their lodges. Then you are on the broad way. Your destruction begins in this life and its shame, its conflict, its hardships end in hell. Jesus exhorts: Enter ye in at the strait gate, the narrow way. And to be on the narrow way you must be conscious of your sins.

As we walk this narrow way the cross keeps telling us: I am evil, born in sin; thou desirest truth within. When Christ died on the cross, and sent forth His Spirit into our hearts, then we were changed, but not the world. Then we no longer can walk hand in hand with the world as if we are both going the same direction, for we are on the nar­row way; they are not, for the world cannot get through the narrow way, for narrow is the way and they are on the broad way, where the gate is wide, and the way is broad. Few there are that have found this narrow way. Not one would have found it for behind it all is the wonder of infinite grace, we would never have found it by ourselves, neither would any of us ever choose to walk that way. It pleased God that there should be a way leading from the first to the second paradise, for God had chosen a people unto glory. If left to ourselves we would turn a thousand times away from the narrow way. Jesus says: Enter ye in, and He also reminds us to pray for strength to continue therein. Are you among the few who have found this narrow way, or would you rather be with the many who are on the broad way. Sometimes we sing: Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone; but woe to us if we once would have to stand alone, we would lose the narrow way and join the big crowds of the broad way. We must become terrified or afraid if we are walking on the broad way, we must repent in deep humility, and cry out for mercy. It is the ever abiding grace of God that we are among the few, and great joy have they that walk the narrow way. Beyond the mountains lies eternal life but we cannot see it for we are in a valley. So we must press on. At the end we can see the entire Elect race entering into eternal life. So great a multitude no man can count. Then we would say: When came they, for there are few that find it. Yet they all came by the narrow way. And now in heaven they are singing the song: “Saved by Grace”.