The Book Committee Reports

Francis Bacon is quoted as saying, “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” How aptly the latter part of this phrase could be applied to the works of our own beloved Rev. Hoeksema whose books the Reformed Witness Hour Book Committee has for many years distributed among our people. In this fast moving, modern age how little good reading is done by any of us, and more particularly, how little we read sound biblical literature. And how lamentable this becomes when we consider how good and how valuable and helpful our own Protestant Reformed literature truly is and can be to us all.

Some fifteen years ago the Reverend Hoeksema was moved to begin work on a treatise of the Heidelberg Catechism. At that time in the preface to Vol. 1 of what eventually resulted in a ten volume set, he wrote, “There is room, it seems to me, for an explanation of the Heidelberg Catechism in the English language. This part of our Reformed heritage still occupies a large place in the hearts and minds of those that love the Reformed truth, and to them this exposition should be welcome.”

When recently the tenth volume left the press the author was able to express his own deep sense of gratitude that he was given the strength to complete the work. How thankful all our people can be that Cod has given to us and His church this great work on our basic expression of our Reformed basis and purpose. And how important it should be to us to own this completed work and keep it always before us for reference and use. The publishers, too, realize what a great contribution Hoeksema’s exposition of the Heidelberger has become to all those who know and subscribe to the Three Forms of Unity. In their most recent catalog, which reaches most of the church world and all of the Reformed world to be sure, they state, “. . . this completed exposition of the great Reformed Confession of 1563 is the only adequate work produced in the English language in modern times. An excellent guide for doctrinal preaching and for personal study.”

It appears that thus this monumental work of our own Rev. Hoeksema will serve as a major source of reference to all who love the Heidelberger and it can be — and

should be — a most important part of every Protestant Reformed home library.

In addition Rev. Hoeksema has in print a Lenten series of books which ought also to be on our bookshelves. Here again we find the church world recognizing the worth of Rev. Hoeksema’s God-given ability to exegete the beautiful truths of the Scriptures for the ages. The Sunday School Times is quoted in connection with a review of “And Jesus in the Midst” as saying, “Some may think that the study of the Cross, the central theme of the gospel, has long ago been exhausted. Let this author prove you are wrong.”

Also Rev. Hoeksema has directed his writings to the truths of God’s sovereign grace and also to the Epistles where he discusses the major aspects of God’s grace toward man, and reveals the wonders and possibilities into which the believer has entered through salvation by grace.

In all there are 21 volumes from Rev. Hoeksema’s pen which should be in all our homes and in addition there are many pamphlets on controversial and interesting questions which we should read and give to others to read.

Francis Bacon also said that reading maketh a full man. To grow in the knowledge of the Word of God we can use all this Protestant Reformed material to good advantage. May we suggest you check your own library and complete it at this time. Also these books make excellent gifts for our young couples who are just beginning to make a home.

Why not ask us to send you our complete catalog. We’ll be glad to answer your inquiry.