The Beauty of the Snow

Originally published in the February, 1977 “Hope School Highlights


It came – – the whirling, shuddering gusts of white – –

One afternoon, through dusk and into the coming night.

Winds blew, ever increasing in their strength.

And spread huge drifts of snow in every breadth and length.

The storm raged on. By day and night it grew;

Roads drifted shut, were plowed, were filled anew.

Businesses and schools were closed, activities were stilled,

As every corner and crevice with ice and snow were filled.

The temperatures stayed near zero almost night and day:

Winter clutched the world in whiteness and held undaunted sway.

And when ’twas over, the sun made our awe-struck eyes to see

Blue shadows on broad, scintillating expanse of white virginity.

What says the church while winds will shriek and moan?

‘‘Thou art God Almighty and Thou art God alone!

The pathway of the storm Thou holdest in Thy hand.

The floods, the quakes, the famines…all in every land.

Teach us then to see Thee in this snow-filled world below

As One who cleanses, makes His own as freshly fallen snow:

Cleanses from sin, adorned in white, to stand in heaven above.

Redeemed by Christ, saved by His grace and His unfailing love.