The Annual Report From The Federation Board

The Federation Board began its new season with a few rearrangements and additions: Randy Meyer replaced Ron Van Overloop as President; Ken Kuiper became Vice-President for Randy Meyer; Linda Ekema replaced Sue Swart Van Overloop as Assistant Secretary; Jim Van Overloop became Treasurer in place of Tim Heemstra; Dave Lanting became Assistant Treasurer for Ken Kuiper; and Mr. Nort Brower became our Youth Coordinator.
Since the beginning of the season, the Board has appointed new members to the Beacon Lights Staff: Bern Wigger has become the Managing Editor in place of Ben Wigger; Tim Heemstra has replaced Randy Meyer as Chairman of the Public Relations Staff; and Donna Van Uffelen has become a Contributing Editor to Critique in place of Shirley Gritters.
The 1969 Convention in Redlands was certainly a dream come true! And every member of every society had to work hard, to become involved, to make that dream a reality. The Board is especially interested in emphasizing this same enthusiasm, and eagerness, and involvement within all our societies this year.
Many changes in the Constitution of our Young People’s Societies were approved by the Delegate Board at the Redlands Convention. The Federation Board is now in the process of having a new booklet printed, containing the revised Constitution of our societies and the Constitution of the Scholarship Fund.
Young People’s Retreats have become a recent tradition in our church, and the Fall Retreat proved to be as successful as those in the past. On October 10 one hundred young people invaded Camp Roger with eagerness and enthusiasm. Besides enjoying periods of recreation, singing, and eating, everyone participated in three interesting discussion groups. Before each discussion a different speaker gave a brief introduction to the topic. Mr. Jim Slopsema spoke on the “Involvement of Young People in Nation-wide Mission Work;” Mr. Ed Lotterman introduced the topic of “Racial Integration in Our Church;” and Mr. Wayne Beckering spoke on “Drama”. The chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. Rod Miersma and Mr. and Mrs. Ron Van Overloop, also joined in the discussions and activities.
Our first All-Sports Night was held in Calvin Christian’s gym on December 16. About seventy young people came and enjoyed participating in games of basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and hotdog eating.
Unity Christian’s gym was the scene of the unforgettable Double-header Basketball Game on February 3. The many fans who braved the cold, snowy night witnessed two exciting games as the men from Hope, Holland, and Hudsonville defeated the team from First, Southeast, and Southwest, followed by the loss of the Adams Street Athletic Association to the men from Hope, Holland, and Hudsonville. (Watch for a rematch in the near future!)
The All-Choir Program sponsored by the Beacon Lights Public Relations Staff was held in First Church on March 8. The participating choirs were the Hope Heralds, the Hope Choral Society, the Hudsonville Choral Society, and the Covenant Christian Choir. The program was a wonderful experience for the audience as well as for those who sang, and reminded us again of the joy we receive by singing together the praises of our God.
Various individual societies again sponsored special combined society meetings this year. First Jr. Society sponsored the Christmas Mass Meeting at First Church, and Southeast Society sponsored the Easter Mass Meeting at First Church. These mass meetings give our young people the opportunity to meet together and to hear special speakers and special numbers from other societies.
At this writing, we are especially looking forward to three coming events. Our Spring Retreat is scheduled for April 10 and 11 at Camp Roger. Two discussion topics are planned and will again be introduced by different speakers. Mr. Marvin Kamps will introduce the question, “Is the Beacon Lights Serving Its purpose?”, and Mr. Rod Miersma will speak on “Changing Liturgy in Our Church.” It looks to be another happy occasion of Christian fellowship for all our young people.
Our annual Spring Banquet is being planned for the night of May 1 at the Mayflower Congregational Church. The theme of the banquet will be “Long Before Creation,” and Mr. Ron Van Overloop is scheduled to be the speaker.
And, finally, we are all looking forward to the 1970 Convention in Hudsonville on August 1924. The host society is busy making plans centered around its theme of “Strangers in a Strange Land.” This coming convention is a common goal of all our societies. Let’s all keep working together with enthusiasm, eagerness, and involvement!

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 3 May 1970