The 1993 Young Adult’s Spring Retreat

The Loveland Protestant Reformed Church in Loveland, Colorado held its third annual Young Adults Spring Retreat from March 29 through March 31, 1993. The setting was Covenant Heights Conference Center, Estes Park Co. in the majestic surroundings of the Rocky Mountains. A total of 24 young adults from Michi­gan, California, Washington, Iowa, South Dakota, Illi­nois, and Colorado helped make this year’s retreat a success. The following two pastors also attended the retreat: Rev. Cammenga of the Loveland congregation and this years’ visiting minister, Rev. Terpstra of the South Holland Protestant Reformed Church.

The Retreat began on Monday, March 23 at The Egg and I Restaurant in Loveland, where those attending the retreat met for breakfast at 8 A.M. At 10 A. M., the group met at the Loveland Protestant Reformed Church for reg­istration. They left church at approximately 11 A. M. and were at Covenant Heights by 12:15 P.M. Everyone dropped off their bags and supplies and headed for downtown Estes Park for lunch, bowling and shopping.

After supper at Covenant Heights, Rev. Cammenga gave a lermon (not a spelling error) on “What is it to be Reformed in Faith.” Several members of the Loveland P.R.C. congregation drove up to attend the lermon and the activities following. The activities consisted of a hot dog roast, games, volleyball, and fellowship. However, a day full of activities still wasn’t enough to soothe some people’s souls. At 1 A. M., the words “let’s play volley­ball!” echoed through the halls of the lodge. So, at this early hour some people played volleyball while others played board games and card games. There were even a few crazy people sleeping at 1 A. M.! Imagine that!

People managed to stagger in to breakfast by 8 A. M. on Tuesday, March 30, the second day of the retreat. I’d like to take this opportunity to comment on the food at Covenant Heights. Most of you who have attended our P. R. conventions in the past have experienced some pretty horrible food. But I must say, Covenant Heights consis­tently served some of the finest and greatest tasting meals I have ever tasted – apart from a home cooked meal. Every meal was full course, along with several choices of drinks and a salad bar. I and many others, rated the food at Covenant Heights a “10”. Their service and hospitality was superb. (So, don’t let the memories of bad food at conventions keep you away from next year’s retreat! It’s almost worth the trip.)

After an hour of free time, which usually meant vol­leyball, the group split into two discussion groups – one led by Rev. Cammenga and the other led by Rev. Terp­stra. The topic of discussion was “Witnessing within the Church” in connection with Acts 8:26-40. It was a well spent hour of discussion and witnessing among those present.

After lunch the group split into two groups. One group of ten went horseback riding and the rest went snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountain National Park. These activities took most of the afternoon. Between Monday and Tuesday, about a foot of new snow fell in the mountains. But even though at times it snowed quite hard while snowshoeing and horseback riding, everyone had a good time. The falling snow gave a peace­ful and quiet aspect to the wilderness – except when one would get attacked unexpectedly with handfuls of snow.

The group managed to gather once again in time for supper. Following this Rev. Terpstra gave his “leech” (lecture speech) on “What is it to be Reformed in Life.” Again, that night, members from the Loveland P.R.C. came to attend the “leech” and the activities afterward. Around midnight part of the group again managed to begin a volleyball game. About 10 people participated in some of the craziest volleyball one can imagine. It was a great time!

Wednesday, March 31, the final day of the retreat, came too soon. It was time to pack up, clean up, move out, and say good-bye to new friends made, but not before playing 3 more games of volleyball! This was defi­nitely a retreat of friendship made and friendships renewed. These were familiar faces and new faces all of which had a great time of fellowship and fun, all of one faith, all surrounded by God’s Majestic Creation and serene beauty. It was great to see 24 people from differ­ent parts of the country mix so well and have such a great time together.

We hope to see many repeat appearances and also many new faces in the years to come. A special thanks goes to all those who came this year. You made the Spring Retreat not only a success, but you have also cre­ated wonderful memories for everyone.