The 1992 Young People’s Convention

The 1992 Young People’s Convention was sponsored by the Faith Protestant Reformed Church of Jenison, Michigan and was held July 27-31. For the first time in convention history conventioneers were housed on two campuses. The Juniors stayed at Grand Rapids Baptist Col­lege and Seminary, while the Seniors dormed four miles down the road at the Reformed Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was the first convention I was privileged to attend away from home. This couldn’t have been possible without the help of my personal attendant, Kim De Meester. We were part of the group that dormed at Reformed Bible College.

In recounting the events of the week, I must not fail to mention the pre-convention Singspiration. On the evening of Sunday, July 26, conven­tioneers, families and friends gathered at Sun­shine Ministries for an evening of song and praise to our Heavenly Father.

We Seniors arrived at Miedema’s Lake late Monday morning for lunch, waterskiing and tub­ing. Boats ran all afternoon giving skiers a chance to demonstrate their skills and giving tubers rides they will never forget. We also had the opportunity to play volleyball, basketball or sit in the sun.

After supper, both groups went roller skating at Woodland. There were the usual races, trains, and other skating activities. I was even wheeled on to the rink for a special number. The enjoy­able outing ended and we went back to our dorms for midnight devotions.

Tuesday morning dawned and it was going to be another pleasant day. After breakfast, we went to GRBC for the day’s activities. The first item of business was the convention picture. It took awhile to line nearly 300 people up and then hold our positions while the camera zoomed over us twice.

Following lunch at GRBC cafeteria, we head­ed outside for the afternoon. The Olympic games were next on the agenda. Our discussion groups became teams and we spent the afternoon watching and participating in the games.

Late that afternoon, we Seniors went back to RBC to get ready for dinner and then the evening’s activities at the Kaptein’s in Coopersville. First there was the ten-wagon hay ride. (I rode in the truck following the wagons, but got my share of hay afterwards.) After a couple hours, the wagons were parked around a bonfire which we gathered around until it was time to head back to the dorms for devotions.

On Wednesday, we stayed on our respective campuses for a speech and discussion groups. Rev. Key addressed us Seniors on the aspect of being soldiers of Christ. Every Christian is a sol­dier of the army of Christ. We carry wounds which show that we are in a continual fight against the devil, the world, and our old man of sin.

After the discussion groups, Juniors and Seniors went to Newaygo for canoeing. The day was just right. After sack lunches were distribut­ed we set out on the trip. No one got through the 2-hour long trip without getting wet.

On Thursday, the weather was cloudy and cool. After breakfast, we headed for GRBC where we gathered with the Juniors for the third speech. Rev. Cammenga spoke to us concerning our calling to be Christian athletes.

The banquet was a formal event this year. The Juniors came to RBC and we had a wonder­ful evening. The food was delicious and the pro­gram that followed was delightful. Everyone will remember the extraordinary fashions, the chap­erones who left meaningful verses and sayings with us, the prizes, and the beautiful slide pre­sentation on the week’s activities.

Following the banquet, we changed and headed to Eastbrook Lanes for bowling. A ramp enabled me to take part in all the fun. After a couple hours, we returned to the dorms for devo­tions. Then some of us stayed up all night while others got very little sleep.

The next morning, we packed our bags, cleaned our rooms, and headed for Faith Church. I was too tired from staying up all night that I headed home directly from RBC. Over all, I must say that the week was enjoyable and was a great benefit to me spiritually. The members of Faith Church did an excellent job in making the 1992 Young People’s Convention a success.