Thanks John, Welcome Mark

How do we begin to thank someone like John Huizenga? John’s first article for Beacon Lights was published in the August/September issue of 1990. John became editor-in-chief in April of 1996. Along with editing incoming material, John has made over 150 writing contributions himself, not including the devotional writing he has done. In thanking John, we also take an opportunity to thank his wife Jeanine for her help. For several years Jeanine managed subscriptions and business affairs for the magazine. After 16 years as editor with growing responsibilities at home, church and school, John decided it was time to pass the torch. John has been writing for Beacon Lights for the past 22 years of his life. He has informed us that he still plans on writing for the magazine in the future. John sees the great importance of the ministry of Beacon Lights and its positive influence in the lives our covenant young people. On behalf of the staff of Beacon Lights and its subscribers, thank you, John, for your many years of service to this invaluable tool God has blessed us with.

With John’s retirement as editor-in-chief, we welcome a new editor, Mark Hoeksema, to our staff. During the 1960s, Mark served on the Federation Board of the Protestant Reformed Young People, and also as a writer for Beacon Lights. Mark is a graduate of Northwestern College and the Protestant Reformed Theological School. He served two churches before resigning the ministry in 1979. He is presently employed in the green industry, and has worked for the Reformed Free Publishing Association for the past 14 years, primarily as a copy editor. He has also done some writing, as well as having some involvement in design elements. Mark brings a strong literary and publishing background into this position as editor. He looks forward to connecting with the young people through the ministry this magazine brings.