Thanks for 1974

In our lives we have already faced a few Thanksgiving Days. We, when looking back, should be able to say that each Thanksgiving Day expressed the fullest thanks we had to give. After thinking seriously of them let’s look at Thanks­giving Day 1974. Thanksgiving is telling God he is good. To appreciate everything we have. Rev. Vos has written that it is a good thing to walk in the wilderness before giving thanks. In other words, let’s see what little we really need to survive, then take a big long look at what God has given us.

We know that we are to thank God for our physical goodnesses since the Pilgrims began Thanksgiving Day when they, with their religious background, saw the abundance God gave them. Therefore we too should be able to see and thank God for these physical goodnesses: food, clothing, shelter, Christian instruction, etc.

Now look again, has God blessed you with sorrows or even a death this year? Yes, I said blessed. Sometimes when we really experience the need for heavenly guidance, our quiet personal talks with God can give more thanks than in our richest, most exalting moment because we have the proper outlook of the relationship of God the Father to us the child.

God cares about your spiritual life of 1974. How about it, do you? Did you say this year, “All that I am I owe to thee”? As a child eats food to grow physically it is a must that we eat the knowledge of the Word to grow spiritually. Just giving thanks to God on November 28 and stopping there is a mock of God.

Thankfulness is getting excited about the Word and even Society. You can’t give thanks to the heavenly Father for every­thing and sit like a bump on a log. Neither can you give thanks and in the same breath express that you are too old to go. Do you know everything that could be brought up there? If that is true, have you nothing to offer from your own experience?

Being thankful spiritually isn’t for the “old” Christians only, but also for us “new” Christians. We have grown and we are thankful. We are thankful that God sent Jesus to pay for our sins and that we, in the covenant, are able to see our salvation.

expressing it to others by living God’s law and above all thanking God for it in prayer.

I give thanks to God now “for all I am I owe to thee”.