Teaching is…

—being called “Miss” for the first time in my life, and then having a first grader tell me that she doesn’t believe I can be a “Miss” because I look like a girl. That was the first day. I could tell they had great confidence in me.

—being told that I was beautiful when I wore a yellow ribbon in my hair and that I ought to wear it more often.

—making angel fish out of hangers and tin foil and having most of them turn out looking like hangers covered with tin foil.

—making vases from old jars, mask­ing tape, and shoe polish. They turned out fantastic—just like antiques.

—keeping a lizard in an aquarium and feeding it live flies caught off the manure pile from the side of school by eager, willing young hands.

—losing the lizard for two weeks in the bookshelves and finding him (finally!) crawling up the wall to the ceiling.

—letting the lizard go because it must have been starving—his sides were caving in.

—trying to pull a first tooth and getting blood all over.

—birthday cakes shaped like foot­balls, sailboats, and snowmen.

—making brownies (They begin with B) and eating them while they were still warm.

—explaining why 5037-4028=1009 and not 1011. (How many times have I said 7-8=1 is wrong.)

—correcting. A good example:

“I seen this car…”

“No, I saw…”

“I did too! I seen this car…”

“I saw! Not I seen!”

“Ohh! O.K. I saw this car…”

—listening to the retelling of the Bible stories. “The good guys were fighting the bad guys and the good guys were winning.” (Did I really tell it like that?)

Teaching is all this plus more.

Teaching is also…

—hearing a first grader in April beg to read the Bible after recess for noon devotions. Something which would never have been possible in September.

—listening to a fourth grader volun­teer to tell tomorrow’s Bible story with confidence.

—a third grader praying his own prayer before lunch using his best English.

—watching a bean plant sprout and grow and teaching God’s power.

—singing Psalter numbers in the morning and listening to proud solos.

—remembering God. His name begins with G.

Teaching is above all else…

—working with God’s chosen cove­nant children and parents in Hope Christian School of Redlands.