Sunday Christians

Since the topic of “Should Young People’s meetings be held on Sunday or on a week­day?” was introduced several months ago, there have been a few interesting responses. Both sides of the matter have been argued well, and the time has come to conclude this question. But how? I cannot do it, because this is a matter of opinion, and my opinion is worth no more than anyone else’s. An absolute conclusion cannot he reached. About the only thing I can do is give my opinion and let the reader agree or disagree.

I feel that society should be held on a week-night. There are good arguments for having it on Sunday, such as the question of what else would we do on Sunday afternoon, but the reasons for holding it on another day are stronger. I, too, feel that packing as much as possible in on Sunday would tend to make us “Sunday Christians;” we have church twice, sometimes a singspiration at night, and that is enough. If we have choir practice on one night and catechism on another, there are still four days left. Exclude Saturday and Friday nights and we still have two days! We should be able to spare at least one night a week for Christian fellowship with other young people.

What about our homework? We seem to be able to get it finished if there is choir practice or a Tuesday night basketball game; why could not we do the same for Young People’s? What would we do on Sunday afternoon? Listen to the Reformed Witness Hour; study our catechism; prepare for Young People’s so it won’t have to be done when we are so busy during the week.

Although there are problems connected with holding society on a day other than the Sabbath, I still say, “It would be belter to hold it on a week-night!”’