Standing in 1966

You’re not alone, no matter how your friends take leave of you, in tribulation sore;

Nor when you take a stand that alienates the mass, to leave you standing with aught else but firm conviction, and that as based upon God’s Word.

Majorities can make you look a sorry sight…and, even though you’re right, it’s difficult for us, frail mortals that we be, to champion right in face of almost overwhelming opposition.

Young saint, the Lord has never promised you that your life’s way would be without these thorns, and many more.

And thus it is, in your life and in mine.


It’s difficult, we said, but stand for the right you shall!

And also, opposition to the right can only ever be an almost overwhelming force.

It never can be more than that!

It surely is sufficient for the saint to know that all the tribulation, all the scoffing, all the trials and the tears that you must suffer in the vale are but the loving chastening of His God, even when you stand, and by God’s grace, uphold the right!

Indeed, you know it cannot be a curse!

God, rather, purifies the ones He loves and to that process leads you in your way.


Majorities, you know, if measured by that number norm alone, are worthless.

Far better, youth, it is to seek uncompromisingly the humble paths of truth, and though it seems you stand alone, despised by all, know this:

The Lord has said, of that same way, that few there be that find it!

He held that way in very high esteem!


God’s prophet, youthful saint, once thought he was alone.

But wondrously Jehovah showed him otherwise!


You stand in faith, and you commune with God to lead you in the right?

You fervently implore that all His glorious Word may be the guide for your life’s day, as, week by week, it quickly flies away?

You seek forgiveness for your sins, as human frailty and a nature all depraved would if possible almost obliterate the thought of God?


Remember this: It is the only God of all the earth and heavens that has begun the work in you!

It’s also He that made you stand and earnestly defend the truth and right, which work He surely finishes and vindicates His suffering saint!


You think that as you walk this straight and narrow way in 1966 your friends grow few and that the adversary mounts and mounts?

This may be true.


But when you walk with God, the vict’ry lies within your breast.

You’re NOT alone!!