Spurgeon, Heir of the Puritans

Book by- Ernest W. Bacon

William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This book is a biography of the great prince of preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. This book is to be recommended for an introduction to Spurgeon as the author gives quick views of his youth, schooling and early preaching, and he branches out with nice style into the particular aspects of the subject’s life.

Nevertheless, the author wants to maintain that Spurgeon is an heir of the Puritans, this is his thesis. We think that it would have been good to detail such a thesis more amply than he did. Our opinion here is that the author presses his views upon his subject so that he can conclude erroneously that, “Spurgeon, if he lived today, would surely rejoice in the faithful Evangelical ministry of Dr. Billy Graham, although he might not care for all the methods employed in his campaigns. He would not like ‘calls to decision,’ …” Spurgeon emphasized regeneration according to Gods Sovereign Will too much for this. We think he would have found Graham rotten. And so would the Puritans! i.e. Charnock and Owen for example.

If we compare this work to Iain Murray’s The Forgotten Spurgeon we find that the latter has far greater historical value not only, but also that Murray seems to stand on a more solid basis of fact, especially when it comes to what actually was taking place in the church. He shows more concretely the significance of a man such as Spurgeon.

These quotes are quoted in Spurgeon, The Heir of the Puritans, by Ernest W. Bacon.

Quote: “We both fight and prevail in the power of His might, . , . In all, especially difficult encounters, let us lift up our hearts to Christ, Who hath Spirit enough for us all.

. . . There can be no victory where there is no combat. The victory lieth not upon us but upon Christ, Who hath taken upon Him, us to conquer for us, so to conquer in us. Let us not look so much who are our enemies, as Who is our judge and Captain: not what they threaten, but what He promiseth.” Richard Sibbes, The Bruised Reed

Quote: “God bath but three things dear unto Him in this world, His saints, His worship, and His truth; and it is hard to say which of these is dearest unto Him! Thomas GooDwIn, Zerubbabel’s Encouragement to Finish the Temple

Quote: “Here is our guide, our rule, ready to direct us in all stated duties, on all occasions and emergencies: so that nothing can befall us, nothing can be required of us in the worship of God, in the course, ways, and actions of our lives; hut what toe may have here light, guidance, and. direction for. it is the word of His wisdom, will, and grace, Who made us these souls, and Who foreknew every thought that would be in them to eternity, and hath secretly laid up in His Word that which shall suit and answer unto every occasion of all that believe in Him!

John Owen, Hebrews