South Holland Young People’s Society

It was in the year 1932 when Rev. P. De Boer organized our Young People’s Society.  Rev. De Boer was our president for six years.  Then Rev. Vermeer became our president, who labored in our midst seven years.  It was during these years that South Holland held the first Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention.  We also had it in the year 1945.

Rev. Vermeer left us in 1945 and Rev. M. Schipper became our next minister.

During the years of war, 12 of our young men were called to serve in the Armed Forces.  All have come home with the exception of one who is still in the Navy.  We can faithfully say that the Lord has blessed us abundantly in bringing our boys home safe and guiding them in the right path.

Rev. Schipper is the president of our society.  Our meetings are held on Sunday evenings.  We meet the whole year through.  Our meetings start at 7:15 and end at 8:30.  They are opened with fifteen minutes of singing and then prayer.  This is followed by a half hour of Bible discussion led by our president or by one of our young men.  At present, we are studying the Book of Acts.  We hope to study the outlines given in the Beacon Lights in the near future.  After Bible discussion, we have a short recess of five minutes.  Next a little business is discussed and then we are favored by a program consisting of essays, speeches, reading, recitations, debates, musical numbers, current events and round-table discussion.

The program is arranged by a committee and each member is assigned to certain numbers.  The meetings are closed with the singing by the Society and prayer by one of our young men.

Our society consists of 28 members.  We usually have visitors each Sunday which makes quite a large group.  I must say, we really have a fine group of young people.  Of course, there is going to be a decrease in our membership soon, for several of our young women and men are getting married.  We hope there are younger ones who will take their place.

The purpose of our society is to be engaged in the study of God’s Word and the Standards of our Churches.  Our society also aids in the development of our talents and it is also a means whereby we can develop in Christian fellowship.

We as a society are very thankful to the Lord for working in our midst and for keeping us together.  May it be according to His good pleasure that we continue as a society in the future.

Let us as young people “Remember our Creator in the days of our youth and when the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say: I have no pleasure in them.”

We hope, the Lord willing, that we will see you all at the Convention.  We are all anticipating a good time.