Son of Tears

Son of Tears” by Henry Corey Published by William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.


Rev. Mr. Corey, an author of several other books, is a pastor in Orthodox Presbyterian Church in California. He was educated at Wheaton College, Westminster Seminary, and Princeton Theological Seminary. His life has been dedicated to the work of the Lord, and especially, the writing of Christian novels for the youth of today’s world.

This novel centers on the life of Saint Augustine. Augustine’s mother, Monica, definitely did bare a “son of tears,” for his youth would have caused any Christian mother to weep bitterly. Monica wept when Augustine went to school in Carthage, and wept bitterly when he returned a Manichaeism student and teacher. More tears flowed when she discovered that Augustine had a mistress, Melanie, and had born him one son. But great was her rejoicing when she heard that he had repented of sins of youth, and now became a church leader of the first order. Her son of tears became a son of righteousness.

Although this novel is fictionalized biography, it is well documented from the Confessions of Saint Augustine, his City of God, and The Sermons of Saint Augustine, not only, but from the various histories of the Early Christian Church. Each chapter heading is a direct quotation from The Confessions, and the idea contained therein is expounded in the chapter.

Young people, this book should be in your personal library because, first of all, it is Christian; secondly, it is good literature in that it presents life realistically, that is, by the way of sin and grace.  Augustine repented of his sins by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, as an introduction to the study of the Early Christian Church, this book is excellent. Books of this scope and quality are hard to find.