Society Project

Dear Mr. Editor,

“What shall we have for a project this season?” Every society season we are faced with the same problem. Here’s a suggestion. Why not start a church library fund? There are many reasons why all of our churches should have libraries:

  1. There is a certain amount of required reading that those in school must do. We could include some of these books in our library.
  2. This reason offers a solution for program committees. So often these unfortunate people are faced by the reply, “I can’t find anything” when they ask a member to take part in the after recess program. Books of readings etc. could be included in the library and would eliminate the excuse.
  3. For those who do not have reference material in their homes we could include concordances, Bible dictionaries, etc. and thus encourage more thorough preparation for Bible discus ion.
  4. Now for the most important reasons—entertainment. How nice it is to have good, entertaining literature close at hand. As we do not have many really good Christian novels, some well qualified person(s) could be appointed to read the books and write a short review to be placed in the front of the book, which would point out the good and bad points of the books and guide the reader.
  5. My last reason is to me a very prominent one. So often we read the book reviews in Beacon Lights and are unable to obtain the books which sound interesting to us. These books also should be included in the church library.

I have been told that our Second, Oak Lawn, and Manhattan churches already have libraries and although they only have a small number of books yet, it is rapidly growing. I understand that the library in Manhattan is run by the Young People’s society and that each member donates a book to the library on his or her birthday. This is an excellent idea.

This is a challenge to all our young people. Let’s accept it and really work on it!