After reading SCHUILER’S page in the May issue of the Beacon Lights, I thought about this question, What do you think of smoking in the church parlors  and your remark that one would have a hard time proving from Scripture that it is wrong to smoke in the church par­lors. Let us leave off the phrase “in the church parlors”.

What I can never figure out is that most of our ministers will argue in favor of smoking when they know in their hearts it is wrong. Is it because the habit is stronger than the will? If so, that alone would make it sin.

In the seventh grade science book, or in any health book there are stated at

least seven reasons why smoking is detri­mental to the body and not one reason why it is beneficial. Some of the reasons are: “It acts as a stimulant to the heart causing that organ to work harder, it effects the entire digestive system, ner­vous system, respiratory system, also causing shortness of breath, it effects the eyes and irritates the delicate tissues to the nose and throat.”

A habit that is harmful to the body is sinful!

Recently there was a notice in our bulletin to the effect that men were step­ping out their stubs on the basement floor thus ruining it. When our twelve year old daughter read this she was thor­oughly shocked and said, “Why, mother, they shouldn’t smoke in church, should they? The church is God’s house!”

How much more blessed we would be if all the money spent for tobacco would be put into our “Foreign or Unchurched Mission Fund”. Then instead of the pitiful sum of two hundred and seventy-six dollars and ninety-eight cents, it would be swelled into the thousands. If we have no one willing, capable, or avail­able to do this work we should donate this sum to some other denomination who is more enthusiastic about bringing the Gospel to the unchurched.

Mrs. D. Vander Ploeg

1200 Edna St, S. E.

Grand Rapids, Mich.