Singspirations: Where Were You!

In answer to the question “what is wrong with our singspirations?”

The natural tendency is to blame some­one else. Some of the people will blame the committee for not advertising it enough. Some will say the special numbers are no good or why can’t we get some good ones. Well, where is all the talent? It was even said that the leaders could be better, which I don’t think is true.

The committee works hard in organizing a singspiration. They do not just set the date and decide what church it will be in. There are many things involved. They have to get a leader to lead the people, which is not easy. They also have to get people to participate in special numbers. This might happen, for example, the committee thinks everything is settled when suddenly the special number cannot be performed. Then things get rough.

Don’t look around and blame it on some­one else! Why can’t you come? Of course, there will be times when it is impossible to come.

These singspirations are not only for the young people, they are for everyone. Every­one can benefit by attending. A singspira­tion is only what you make it and only you can make it a success.

Let’s make our next singspiration a big success by all being there.