There is a definite lack of interest in our singspirations and this has been proved by our last efforts. We cannot criticize the work that the committee puts forth in their preparation, but could we ask for just a little more?

Most of our singspirations lack a strong theme with Bible verses or readings to back it up. To just sing psalter number after psalter number, without any connec­tion placed between, each is quite dull.

A more enthusiastic director might be placed on the list of “wants.” The directors which we have had in the past do their best, but we need new ones to generate more enthusiasm.

Hymns, if chosen appropriately, are beau­tiful. Young people enjoy singing hymns as well as Psalter numbers. The few that we do sing are appreciated and more of them would be fine. If we select the correct hymns, they would be accepted and en­joyed.

Now, let’s turn from the committee and look at ourselves. Where you at the last sing- spiration? No matter how hard the committee works, we cannot have a suc­cessful singspiration without everyone’s co­operation.