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“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose

mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth

in thee.”

  —Isaiah 26:3


Evil days, we often hear, are these.

Restlessness and strife in all degrees,

Hate and turbulence and riot rife

Seem to be our troubled way of life.

…And our children’s, too.


Inner conflicts Lust for living well,

Packing life with pleasure ere death’s knell,

War against our wish to strangers be,

Striving to live lives of sanctity.

…With our children, too.


Deeper worries: How can we whose sin

Seems to burst from ev’ry depth within

Teach our children how their sin to fight,

And to struggle more to do the right?

…For our children do.


Probing problems: Need our harried pace

Sweep us on to lose a futile race?

Is there not an answer we can find,

Giving us our needed peace of mind?

…For our children, too?


Perfect peace the Lord has promised them

Who in trust have stayed their minds on Him.

In the Lord is everlasting strength,

Bringing courage to our souls at length.

…Promised our children, too.


Sweet serenity and quiet calm,

Sought through prayer, the precious, soothing balm

Is the gift our Lord for us reserved

Freely given, although undeserved!

…To our children, too!


—Gertrude Hoeksema