Seeking The Lord

Psalm 27:4 – “One think have I desired of the Lord, that would I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple.”

There are three thoughts which I will bring out in this verse. The first is that one desire; secondly, who seek it; thirdly, the final thought and its beauty.

This is a Psalm of David, the man after God’s own heart. In this Psalm he clearly shows his confidence in God. David here is not in fear of what man shall do unto him. There was only one thing which he desired, above anything else, and that was to seek the Lord, and to dwell in His tabernacle all the days of his life.

Therefore it should be our earnest desire also, as the Psalmist, and it is if we truly love the Lord. We must in this wise seek the kingdom of God, not this world which is corrupt with sin. Also that means we must stay away from worldly amusements.

We must at all times be on our guard for we young people would oh so quickly fall into temptation. So let us by all means pray unto God for His divine guidance, and to ask Him “Lord, what wilt Thou have me do.”

We must seek Him early, then when we are older we will not depart from His ways. To seek the Lord implies that we acknowledge and magnify Him in all our ways and strive to reflect His glory.

Whenever we sing or speak or do anything else we should use it all to God’s glory. David also experienced suffering and grief of enemies and of war so likewise we. Therefore he longed for God’s house to see the goodness of the Lord, and to be instructed in His ways.

So must we also long for the Sabbath days, to be admonished and instructed in the Word of God, not only on the Sabbath days, but in all our Christian activities to be led in the paths of righteousness and to study His Word, to be builded up in the most holy faith.

And we should do this in order that we may be able to fight the good fight of faith, conquering over sin and leading a godly life, well-pleasing unto God. Yes, he was longing for the Sabbath day or earth, to be sure, but above all for that eternal Sabbath, when all this weary night of sin shall be past, when he shall be satisfied with his likeness. So we know that only God’s people seek Him whom He has loved from eternity. For the world does not seek Him–they seek an earthly king. But the time is coming when the world will be judged and they shall forever be in death, for, to live apart from God is death. So let us, therefore, as covenant young people, labor while it is day ere the night cometh in the which no man can work.

The beauty of that seeking of the Lord is to be in the Father’s house with its many mansions, to be like Him, and then we shall be free from sin and we shall perfectly love, serve and adore Him. So often here our best works are polluted with sin. But then we shall ever be with the Lord and shall rejoice in that great heritage which Christ in His amazing love and grace has given unto us. So let us walk and pray for the coming of that kingdom.