For the sixth consecutive year the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Committee is making plans to receive applications for scholarships for young people who have decided to prepare for the teaching profession or the ministry.
The scholarship fund was discussed by the Federation Board during the 1950’s. It was proposed in the Beacon Lights in 1960. Since that time, the fund has become a reality and scholarships have been awarded.
The idea of establishing the fund was, by assessment, gifts and offerings to create a “base” which would yield a continuing a return on its investment and thereby to fund an annual scholarship program. It was recognized that time would be required to collect such a “base,” and annually since the fund was created, the young people have voted for an assessment. Many gifts and offerings have also been received so that it has been possible to offer scholarships since 1966.
The purpose of the scholarships is to make a college education financially possible for the talented but needy prospective minister or teacher. While the fund has prospered, the committee believes that its effectiveness has not yet reached its full potential.
Applicants for scholarship funds have, thus far, been harder to find than funds. Although each year the committee has launched a publicity campaign (one year even resorting to a publicity “overkill”) seeking applicants, the largest number of applicants in one year was two. Most years, only one application was received. A pleasant side effect of the few applications is that, so far, no applicant has been refused a scholarship. Everyone who has applied has been awarded a scholarship.
The value of the scholarships has been increasing from a low of $200.00 to a high of $700.00 last year. The fund constitution limits the grant to tuition only.
Following are the rules which apply to scholarships:
1. An applicant must be a prospective minister or teacher.
2. An applicant will be judged on sincerity, ability and need.
3. An applicant must be a baptized or confessing member of a protestant Reformed Church.
4. The scholarship will apply to tuition only.
5. The applicant is asked to repay the scholarship if he refuses to teach or preach in Protestant Reformed schools or churches.
Rule 6 (above) is interpreted not to apply to those who do not finish school, change their course of study or are not able to teach or preach when they finish school.
If the scholarship program sounds interesting to you, contact your society secretary for an application blank or contact the committee secretary, Miss Agatha Lubber, 7501 Terrace Lane, Jenison, Michigan 49428.
The committee also solicits your continued financial and spiritual support of this program. It is our prayer that God will use this means to assist those who are called to the ministry or the teaching profession.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 10 February 1971