A social worker was murdered, his body was cut into six parts, and his heart was eaten. Outward appearances would sug­gest that this terrible event had happened in some remote jungle of this world by savages who have had little or no contact with civilization and Christianity. But this didn’t happen in some remote jungle of this world. It happened right here in our own civilized country. Who would believe that people living in one of the greatest nations of the world could do things like this? These things happen and they are part of a widespread cult which worships Satan, the devil. This incident depicts one of the frightening aspects of Satanism.

These bizarre and frightening rituals and ceremonies are only one part of the whole movement. Mentioned alone they would not present a clear understanding of the whole Satanic movement. The different cults of Satanism are too numerous to mention because there is no defined type of Satan worship. Each cult and group of Satanists makes up their own rituals and ceremonies by which they worship the devil. As an example, we can see that many practice such rituals as cited above. In opposition to this group is a group which practices “white witch­craft.” These people work for ecology. They try to help young men who have avoided the draft. Many give their aid to youths hooked on drugs. They try to help people. These groups may outwardly appear to be doing some good, but they worship Satan and outwardly confess it. Their devilish philosophy goes something like this: “Christ said love your enemy. Christ’s enemy was Satan. Love Christ and Satan.”

There are others within the Satanism movement who feel no real spiritual calling to be there. Many people use Satanism as a front to fulfill their own earthly lusts. There are students within the cults who are involved in it in order to study the movement as they would a new revolutionary group.

Satanism takes on many forms wherever it is found throughout the world. That is why we must be aware of it and be on the lookout for it. Satanism could approach us in a form where we would not recognize it. Certain leaders claim that in the future Satanism will play host to the revolutionary groups of this country. Satanism does not necessarily have to approach us in that form. It may be disguised in order to lead us away. We should always be able to see the one mark that distinguishes all Satanic cults. They all worship Satan. With this as a guide, we will never be led away by any cult of Satanism.