Satan, the Super Salesman

If we were to make a survey of the methods of propagation used by both the Church and Satan, we would find the Church lagging sadly behind as one who has ignored most of the opportunities put at her disposal.

Satan uses every means possible to spread his lie, while to our shame, we use very few. Through this lazy attitude, we have lost the effective use of many of the media that are now carrying on an effective advertising campaign for the devil.

As children of God, we know that all things are for our good, and that ALL opportunities are to be used by us, not just a few that we fall into easily.

A few years ago, for example, television became a popular medium of mass communication. The world of sin snapped up this opportunity to gain another channel of filth, while to our shame we sat back in complacency, allowing the most powerful medium of our day to slip through our fingers, unused.

The same situation was present when radio was just being developed; instead of being eager to grasp another opportunity to spread the truth of God’s kingdom, we let it slide until television was almost ready to crowd radio out of its listening audience, and it became necessary for the youth of our church to start a movement to put our broadcast on the air.

This is not written to start our young people thinking about television, necessarily, but to remind all of us that when a new opportunity develops which could be used to further the cause of the Church of Christ, we may not sit back when the world uses the opportunity for his own ends, and say to ourselves in smug complacency, “Television is of the world; stay away from it.” God has created these modern inventions for His own glory, not to be completely ignored by His church, but to be used by them.

We find the same general situation existing in our catechism classes; for while secular education is helped by such modern inventions as visual aids, models, demonstrations, and excursions, our catechism classes are limited to a blackboard and chalk which is only one step better than the stick and sand method used hundreds of years B.C. If scientific and technical principles can be taught better by these methods, wouldn’t it be possible that the principles of doctrine and ecclesiastical law could also benefit through the application of these modern aids?

Our very young children learn social and community procedures by “playing” store, school, etc., and moreover this is recognized as a very excellent means of instruction. Many of us learned courtroom procedure in junior high school by “acting out” a hypothetical trial; couldn’t these same endowed talents be used to instruct our children in the proper synodical procedure?

The application of these opportunities and talents which have been so sorely misused by the world will only be accomplished with much prayer for divine guidance.

It is the calling of the child of God to use every means at his disposal to accomplish the purpose for which he was created, that is, to glorify his Creator. We may not ignore any talent. Even though the world may have corrupted that talent (as far as he himself is concerned), it can never corrupt it as far as God’s church is concerned.

In the light of history, it is the youth of the church who usually are the first to sense a new medium for the spreading of the gospel. This is also the calling of today’s youth who, like the young people of all ages, are blessed with vivid imaginations and a zeal for any project they decide to undertake. The application of new inventions and the development of long misused talents, humanly speaking, rests with you.

Do not be discouraged if the world misuses the talent or opportunity you would seek to apply to His kingdom: just remember, the child of God is the only one who can use all things correctly, and his success is assured because he does these things with the favor of God, Who not only made all things, but wills that all shall glorify Him.