Sandals of the Gospel of Peace (3): Preparation for Future Peace

Danny’s mom rested a hand on him and Becky’s shoulders. “The caligae or sandals that the Roman soldiers had another purpose. The Roman soldiers did more than fight. They were also builders. They, and the workers who traveled with them, built roads for the army to travel between places easier. When they stayed in one place for a while, they built buildings and aqueducts to carry water. The roads, aqueducts, and buildings all prepared a place for peace after the Roman army conquered it. Wherever the Roman soldiers walked, they left behind them the preparation for a country’s peace.”

“So they weren’t just soldiers. They were also builders.” Becky said.

Their mom nodded. “Yes. And like Roman soldiers, when we walk in the world, we don’t just encounter battles. God uses our spreading of the gospel to build his church and prepare his Church for the future peace of heaven.”


Questions to think about:

  1. Read Ephesians 6:15 and Mark 16:15 by yourself or with your parents. How does a Christian spread the gospel?
  2. How are Christians builders as well as soldiers?