Ruth’s Resolve

“Entreat me not to leave thee”

These words were wrung from the young widow’s heart;
Ruth would not from Naomi’s ways depart
For in her household she had learned to fear
Jehovah, Israel’s God, in covenant sphere.
No more would she bow down to idol god;
She’d leave her fam’ly, to take root abroad.

Her eye of faith was on God’s promised land.
Of course, this was as God the Lord had planned,
Since she was chosen, a forebear to be
Of Jesus Christ: what a great legacy!
A Moabitess in the covenant line,
Selected wisely, by the Lord’s design.

Lord, may we follow in Ruth’s footsteps too,
That we leave not the paths of wisdom true.
We also have been chosen, Lord, by Thee;
Give us the strength that we from idols flee.
May worldly fun not lure us foolishly
From the true joy that’s found alone in Thee.