Resolved that there is a Young Earth

The affirmative team consisted of Rev. H. Hanko and Rev. B. Woudenberg.

The negative team consisted of Mr. James Jonker and Mr. David Engelsma.

The affirmative team tried to prove that the world was created in a week consisting of seven twenty-four-hour days. The negative team tried to prove that the world could have been created in thousands or millions of years and still agree with Scripture.

Rev. B. Woudenbherg was the first to speak. He started by saying that every Christian knows of the beginning of the earth through revelation of Scripture in the book of Genesis. He continued with the statement that some believe the earth is about 6,000 years old and others claim it is millions of years old. This is a question between the authority of the Bible and scientists, it was further claimed that God could have created the earth in a moment if He had wanted to, but rather chose to do it in six days and rest the seventh day. This is shown very specifically in Genesis 1.

Mr. James Jonker followed with the arguments for the negative side. He first raised the question if an old earth is Scripturally possible because there can be no conflict in the Christian mind. He goes on to say that there could have been a long creation because at least after the fourth day when the sun, moon and stars were created in their orbits, natural laws were in effect. If natural law was in effect it must have taken time for the plants to grow. The word day is God’s day of rest which is actually forever.

Rev. H. Hanko followed with his affirmative by explaining that the only place you can make the earth older is in creation. Moses was conscious that days are 24 hours long so it is safe to reason that if one day in Genesis is 24 hours long they all are or they all are a million years. He goes on to reason that after the creation of sun and moon, the days must have been 24 hours long to go along with the sun. The seventh day was set aside as an example for us to follow. All the days of creation are numbered and when a day is numbered it is naturally just one day.

Next to speak was Dave Engelsma with the final negative arguments. He said that first the church wouldn’t believe the Carbon 14 test but when they wanted to believe it to prove the Dead Sea scrolls were correct, then they believed it. The Bible is not known to he a scientific book. When Joshua commanded the sun to stand still the earth actually stood still.

In the rebuttal, Jim Jonker said that a 24 hour day is just assumed. The days did not have to be either 24 hours or 100 billion years as Rev. Hanko stated.

Rev. Woudenberg said it was a natural supposition for Joshua to believe that the sun stood still just as it is today.

Dave Engelsma said that days specify a period of time. The sun was not there to limit them in early creation.

Rev. Hanko stated that Rev. Ophoff believes that Genesis 2:5 starts a new part of the chapter. The question of a 24 hour day involves the question of believing the Bible or evolutionism.