Rescuing the Unwanted

At college or public high schools, students will soon need to confront the abortion industry and take a stand for the sanctity of all types of human life. They will be called simpletons and worse, but a witness for God’s sake needs to be made. As a product of this debate, the need for Protestant Reformed Christian schools and high schools could never be the more pressing.

Without further introduction, we quote almost verbatim the following editorial from the “The Week” feature in the April 11, 2005 edition of National Review magazine (a bi-monthly),

The [so-called] Rev. Joanna Jepson, [a female] Anglican curate, asked the courts to investigate the 2001 abortion of a 28-week-old fetus with a cleft lip and palate. English law permits abortion after the 24th week only in case of children with a “serious handicap.” Two doctors decided that the condition was serious, but the Reverend Jepson has reason to disagree. She was born with a jaw defect, and her brother has Down syndrome, yet both of them, she believes, have led full and satisfying lives. “The baby in this case did not have this opportunity.” The courts have now dismissed…Jepson’s complaint, recalling another Anglican, C. S. Lewis, who argued that mankind’s power over nature, if it were ever achieved, would mean the power of one generation over all who followed.

That the Anglican Church installs, and National Review approves of, female office bearers is a sad testament to their unbiblical stands. It is also disappointing that only one person stood up to protest the action.

Lest you think that such an event is an isolated case, be assured that your children will confront these ideas in their public high schools and universities. One example is revealed in the column of Editor Kathryn Jean Lopez’ “Mercy!” column, a March 30, 2005 National Review Online article at In the article she rebukes tenured bioethics professor Peter Singer of Princeton University for promoting infant euthanasia through his book Practical Ethics. Singer writes,

killing a defective infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person. Sometimes it is not wrong at all…Newborn human babies have no sense of their own existence over time.

After pointing out that we are talking about “out-of-the-womb, mom-has-delivered, right-here-with-you-and-me babies” Lopez chastises the administrators of P.U. (pun intended) for having hired Singer, since they knew at the time of initial employment of what his stand consisted.

Lopez points out that in Europe such ideas have taken hold with deadly consequence. For example, reports out of France indicate that 73% of doctors have “admitted to using drugs to end an infant’s life,” while Associated Press dispatches state that in the Netherlands “at least five newborn mercy killings occur for every one reported.” She summarizes the attitude of many Dutch doctors in the following section:

Writing in The New England Journal of Medicine, two doctors from the University Medical Center, Groningen in the Netherlands confessed that “it is difficult to define” who, among infants, can or should be eliminated. Babies, obviously, can’t tell you their pain is unbearable, so it becomes incumbent on “parents and medical experts” to determine what “hopeless” means.

With tongue-in-cheek Lopez points out that Dutch Law makes the mercy killing of babies illegal.

Lopez next examines Australian Resident Philip Nitschke, president of the Voluntary Euthanasia Research Foundation in Australia, who urged euthanasia “for anyone who wants it, including the depressed, the elderly bereaved, [and] the troubled teen.” Nitschke also planned in 2001 a “euthanasia boat”—in the model of the ‘abortion boat’ that sails international waters to provide abortion to those women who live in countries where the procedure is illegal. He has rightfully been given the nickname “Dr. Death.”

She ends in the USA. Way back in 1915, Chicago, Illinois doctor Harry J. Haiselden allowed the Bollinger baby, who would have lived with surgery, to die. It gets worse. Haiselden later admitted that he had refused operation for many other ‘defective babies,’ thereby killing them too. His swan song was the propaganda film, The Black Stork, which attempted to popularize euthanasia and infant euthanasia.

Ninety years later he seems to have succeeded to a measurable degree as more than 42,000,000 babies have been aborted during the 32 years since SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) ruled in favor of abortions. The year was 1973, the case was Roe v. Wade, and a majority of the justices ruled that the American Constitution allowed for abortions. Jane Roe has repented of her actions. America has not. Pat Buchanan shows in “The Execution of Terry Schavio,” his April 4, 2005 WorldNetDaily column ARTICLE_ID=43626.

In America, 3 in 10 in the dawn of life never see the light of day. They are destroyed in the womb because their existence embarrasses or would encumber their parents. In the twilight of life, we have begun to provide our elderly ill with the means of assisted suicide. In Europe, euthanasia has become involuntary in some nursing homes. In the shadows of life—the sick, the needy, the handicapped—there is now in this land once called “God’s country” a chance the state will put you to death…. We have turned a sad page in the history of America’s decline.

Unintended children are an embarrassment with the aged and dying being unwanted. Such are the tender mercies of the wicked. As a brief side note, more will be written on Mrs. Schavio in some future column.

One scriptural passage having application here is Matthew 18:6, wherein Christ instructs his disciples,

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones who believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Jesus will come and judge those who do not repent for killing the innocent. One can safely utter to such unrepentant monsters, “Maranatha,” which being interpreted is “The LORD is coming.” The question is, will the youth speak out at their public universities and high schools to witness that abortion is murder, (one could use Jane Roe for an example)? God’s honor demands it.