Remembering Rev. Hoeksema

Dear Editor,

I have just read in Beacon Lights of Rev. H. Hoeksema, and his labors in the youth of the CR Churches. I especially enjoyed his article, called “Lost—A Thinking Cap.” I so enjoyed also, Prof. Engelsma’s articles on Rev. Hoeksema, so I was so happy to hear more of him now. I have many joyous memories of him, Rev. Hoeksema, as my pastor in my first days in the Protestant Reformed Churches. As you see I came out of the Christian Reformed Church at an early age, maybe 18 or so. Though I was young, the Lord showed me in no uncertain ways, that which I did was right in his sight. He, the Lord, through the gifted voice of Rev. Hoeksema, showed me plainly the error of common grace. And through the Lord’s sustaining grace and favor, he has caused me to continue to grow and increase in knowledge. So I say to our youth: May the Lord cause you to grow in the love of the truth and our precious Protestant Reformed doctrine.

A humble servant of the Lord,

Fred Ondersma