Remembering Our Creator in the Church

I.    We are especially called to remember our Creator in the Church.

A.  What is the Church?

1.   In general.

a.   The Church is the living body of Jesus Christ which is composed of all those whom God has eternally elected in Christ. I Cor. 12:27, I Peter 2:5&9.

b.   As such the Church is created by God.

c.   This body of Christ is composed of many different and varied members. One of the parts of the Church are the young people. I Cor. 12:12-27, Rom. 12:5ff.

2.   In particular.

a.   The Church was instituted by Christ and now takes a visible form in the world. Matt. 28:19, Matt. 10:5ff., etc.

1)   Of that visible instituted Church we are members.

2)   We are members of an individual congregation which meets in a church building and is made up of fellow believers.

 b.   In that local Church, we have the privilege to meet with God and with His Son, Jesus Christ the living Word.

1)   We enjoy God’s covenant fellowship in that Church. Matt. 18:20.

2)   God speaks to us as our Covenant God and dwells with us in His Spirit. John 14:16 & 26.

3)   Through the preaching of the word in that Church God comforts, admonishes, and rebukes us.

4)   The Church is therefore the center of our lives.

B.  How do we remember our Creator in the Church?

1.   By remembering our Heritage, (all of Church history, also P.R. History, 1924, 1953, etc.)

2.   By remembering our being brought into the Church.

a.   Birth and Baptism. (See Baptism Form)

b.   Early training, parents instruction, parents preparation for Sunday, etc.

3.   By attending Church and taking up an active place in the Church.

a.   Listening to the preaching of the Word.

b.   Joining in singing and prayer.

4.   By faithful attendance in Catechism and Young Peoples Society.

5.   Etc?

II.   The Purpose of remembering our Creator in the Church.

A.  The purpose of remembering our Creator in the Church is that we might be inabled consciously and actively to take our place in the Church.

1.   Youth is a time of training, a time of molding into shape for service.

a.   It is a time of preparation to take up our place in the Church.

b.   Implied in this is:

1)   Work, study, development, …

2)   Participating in and becoming a conscious part of the Church.

2.   In the day of our youth we must strive to grow up into the body of Christ.

a.   As young men: Consciously to develop into strong men of God who will be called to leadership in the cause of Christ. I John 2:12-14.

b.   As young women: To learn to be submissive, homemakers, mothers of children, etc. I Tim. 2:12-15, I Tim. 5:14!

B.  This preparation implies an antithetical life.

1.   Positively: a life well pleasing to God, a life of love and service, of charity and purity, of love for each other.

2.   Negatively: fleeing from sin and friendship of the world.

C.  By grace, when we do this we receive a reward of grace from God.

1.   A place in the visible house of God among the saints.

2.   Ultimately, a place in our Father’s house of many mansions.

III. Related Questions.

A.  What is the relationship between Confession of Faith and remembering our Creator in the Church? What is Confession of Faith? When should a person make Confession of Faith?

B.  Why are our Young People Societies important and necessary?

C.  What exactly is the place of the Young People within the Church?

D.  Etc.