Remembering Our Creator in Society

I. Introduction

A.  The Christian must live antithetically in all that he does.

1.   This is true also in his calling to remember his Creator in society.

2.   Thus it is proper for Christian young people to discuss this matter as part of their lives as covenant young people.

B.  Thus the subject indeed is very pertinent for us today.

1.   We are called to “remember our Creator’’ in all our life; home, church, and society.

2.   We are called to “remember our Creator’’ in society.

II.   Because remembering our Creator and our life in society are very closely related we should discuss what it is to “remember our Creator.”

A.  Who is our “Creator”?

1.   The Scriptures have much to say concerning our Creator.

a.   The Scriptures open with the words of identity of the Creator. Gen. 1:1.

b.   Our Creator is the author and source of all things that exist in this world about which our life revolves.

c.   That Creator is revealed to us throughout Scripture as the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Genesis 1, John 1:1-3, Hebrews 1:1-3, Colossians 1:16, Job 26:13, Psalm 33:6, Genesis 2:7).

2.   God is our Creator.

a.   He is the Almighty Maker of Heaven and earth. (Ap. Crd).

b.   As the Creator, the Source of all creatures there is seen the marvelous wisdom of God.

c.   All creation reflects this wisdom of God and must turn towards its Maker and glorify Him as its Almighty and powerful Lord.

B.  This Creator is to be remembered.

1.   The idea of remembering as such.

a.   All creation must remember its Maker.

b.   To remember is “to recall to mind,” “to reflect upon something learned.”

c.   To remember also means “to keep in mind,” and “take care not to forget”.

2.   This letter applies especially to the subject we consider in this discussion.

a.   We, as God’s covenant young people are called to remember our creator at all times.

b.   We must take care that we do not forget our Creator in whatever circumstance in which we may find ourselves.

1)   This Creator therefore we are to remember in our home life.

2)   in our church life.

3)   and in our society-life.

III. The Possibility of remembering our Creator in Society.

A.  The Society in which we live.

1.   Negatively, one might say the society in which we live in today is not one that is very conductive to remembering our Creator.

a.   There are many temptations and trials for young people in today’s society.

b.   Today’s society places a very heavy emphasis on fun, sports, and entertainment.

c.   The society places heavy emphasis on attaining as much of earthly goals as possible.

d.   Today’s society makes it hard for the Christian young man and woman to find suitable and proper jobs.

2.   Positively the Christian young person is called to live in this society, always remembering their Creator.

a.   What is good and proper entertainment? What songs should we sing? Is theatre attendance a good way to remember our Creator?

b.   What about jobs in today’s society? Should we join the labor to better ourselves in today’s society? What should be our relationship to our employer’s.

c.   Is there a relationship between remembering our Creator and our sports involvement?

B. The Possibility.

1.   Negatively.

a.   It is impossible for us to remember our Creator in anything as we are by nature.

 b.   By nature we would seek to do exactly the opposite.

1)   We would seek to oppose our Creator in all things.

2)   We would seek not to live antithetically in society but seek to join hands with the ungodly who always rise in open rebellion against our Creator.

2.   Thus, positively the only possibility is through grace in our Lord Jesus Christ.

a.   Then we know how to live in this present society in constant remembrance of our creator.

b.   Then we will know the “do’s” and “don’ts”. We will know the antithesis and we will have the strength and power to walk day by day, living by faith in Him who bought us, choosing the way in which we can always remember our Creator in all our society life whether that be entertainment, choosing friends or a job, going here or there, whatever, only and always to His honor and glory.

IV. The Reward of Remembering our Creator in Society.

A.  Negatively, the world will hate you.

1.   This is the promise of the Word of God.

a.   “In the world ye will have tribulation…, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.”

b.   “Then shall they deliver you up…and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.”

c.   “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you…”

2.   This hatred of the world is evidence to you personally that truly you are remembering your Creator.

a.   Do you know and experience this?

b.   Are you really living the antithesis?

B.  Positively you have peace with God.

1.   When you remember your Creator in the society around you, you experience, in beginning, the wonderful and sweet communion you have with your Creator.

a.   Have you tasted of it? Have you known it?

b.   Or are you too wrapped up in your personal pursuits in society regardless of your Creator? What are your priorities?

2.   When you remember your Creator in society, in all your life outside home and church then you personally evidence that your Creator remembers you too.

a.   He watches over you as the apple of His eye.

b.   He sees to it that not a hair from your head falls unless He wills it.

1)   Live by faith in Him remembering Him in everything you do.

2)   Then only can you walk the way of the antithesis which leads to the perfect and everlasting place of glory where the Creator lives in all His perfections.