Remembering Lot’s Wife

In the preceding article I called the attention of you young people to the fact that, when you seek a husband or wife, you must remember your Creator.  For, in the wisdom which God gave him, Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 12:1, “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say; I have no pleasure in them.”  This does not mean that only in the days of your youth you are to remember your Creator.  No, but in the days of our youth, we need to be trained and must grow in the truth of God’s Word and in love to Him.  And in the days of your youth Satan uses so many devices and temptations to turn you away from your Creator.  There are so many earthly things that appeal to your flesh, and these he uses to get you to forget, not remember, the God Who created you, and Whom you must serve with all your heart and mind and soul and strength.

Even then, remember that in the days of our youth we do not yet have the spiritual strength that God gives us in later life.  We must, and in His grace do, grow spiritually as well as physically.  And that is why in I John 2:1 the apostle, as he is writing to adults in the church, calls them “My little children” and writes further, “These thing write I unto you that ye sin not.”  Likewise, this spiritually wise Solomon wrote in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  If he is truly trained, he will walk in a way that reveals that he does remember his Creator.  For that reason, I would like to call your attention to the great importance that there is for you now to remember your Creator, Who made you and demands of you that you walk in love to Him.

The truth that I would like to hold before you this time is the fact that already, or soon, you will be thinking of getting a husband or wife.  At least, this thinking and seeking is just ahead of you, if you do not already live in its consciousness.  To do this I would like to hold before you what Jesus said and is written in Luke 17:32. There He said, “Remember Lot’s wife.”  And there is an awesome truth here for you to consider, and a calling which you may not ignore any more than adults may even for a minute brush aside.

It is true that we do not know Lot’s wife’s name: and for that matter, we are not told what the names of his two daughters that left Sodom and Gomorrah were.  As unbelievers they were not even worth having their names made known to us.  What we can be sure of is that they, all three of them, walked openly in gross sins.  They were unbelievers, women who did not remember their Creator and trampled His law under their feet, instead of using it as the place where they should walk.

As far as Lot’s wife is concerned, we do not know either from what nation she came.  She did not come out of Ur of the Chaldees with Abraham as Lot did.  She did not come out of Haran, as Abraham did from Ur of the Chaldees, and then went from there into Canaan.  We read not one word of her, or of Lot being married before he left Abraham and went toward Sodom, and soon lived right in that desperately wicked city.  Lot did not remember his Creator when Abraham told him to choose where he wanted to live.  His mind was on earthly things, not on his Creator.  Lot was selfish and greedy.  What was in the region around Sodom appealed to him, rather than his Creator, Whom he knew as Him Who had promised Abraham that whole land of Canaan.  Lot was ready to leave Abraham and God’s promise in order to please his flesh.  He was an elect child of God, but one very weak in his faith, as we shall see:  for he married a woman of Sodom.

It is also very revealing that Lot’s wife let Lot and her daughters go forward while she slowed her pace and fell behind them as they, in obedience to God, fled from Sodom.  And then she looked back to see whether Sodom really would be destroyed; because she wanted to go back into it and to be with her ungodly neighbors, whose company and fellowship she enjoyed.  In Genesis 19:26 we read that she looked back from behind him, that is behind Lot.

The two daughters brought up by Lot’s wife revealed their unbelief and their refusal to remember their Creator.  They got their father drunk by wine, so that they could commit fornication, harlotry and denial of the truth that God is their Creator and therefore has the right to tell them how to behave and conduct themselves.  Of this we read in Genesis 19:30-38.  Doing this they revealed how sinful they really were.  Deceptively they said that they would help their father, even though what they did was to hurt him and to fight against their Creator.

There was no reason for them to preserve seed for their father, as they agreed to do.  There never is, young people, an honest reason for sinning against our Creator, if it is not remembering our Creator.  If it is not remembering our Creator and His law, unto us—His law according to which He created us—it is sin!  To remember their Creator they had to remember what He did to Sodom because of all of its adultery, fornication and lewdness.  They were interested in getting seed for their father, but not in getting covenant seed for God’s church.  Even after God had destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, because of breaking the seventh commandment, they were walking like mother, in sin.  For they were also concerned with material things that appeal to man’s sinful flesh.  Yes, they did remember their father; but they were not remembering their Creator, as we must do every step of our way in this life.

And, young people, can we not see in this incident how their unbelieving mother brought them up and had instructed them to remember what appeals to the flesh, rather than to remember their Creator?  Their Creator took away their father’s wife, and his other daughters with their Sodomite husbands.  Their Creator gave Lot no son, but these two unmarried daughter are going to fight against him and get a son for him through fighting against their Creator.

There is, therefore, a very important truth concerning our Creator and sovereign God that you must bear in mind, in order that you may continue to remember Him when now, or in the years that lie ahead, you seek a husband or a wife.  The simple but undeniable truth is that you must seek one who remembers our Creator, and remembers Lot’s wife, who led her daughters into sin rather than into a righteous walk.  The question is not whether the one you seek will be one that satisfies your flesh as one who is handsome or pretty, and gives you a good time in the worldly sense.  The question is whether he or she will help you remember your Creator and train your children to do so.

If that ever was true, it is true today.  Not only has Satan very successfully gotten the world to deny rather than remember our Creator; but he has also gotten the world to approve of the murder of abortion.  He has gotten the world to desecrate the Sabbath day in many gross ways, with stores open in cities that formerly forbade it; and so that unbelievers—let us pray that this is not true of church members—have to sit glued to their TV sets on Sunday to watch unbelievers in baseball, football and basketball, pushing their Creator out of existence as far as their hearts and minds are concerned.  And as already has happened in some countries, they close church buildings and do not allow worshipping of God on the Sabbath day.

Far more for you to remember, young people, is that Satan is getting such an awful hold on the church today, so that there are so many doctrines and sermons that insult and deny our Creator rather than praise and glorify Him.  Men who are called ministers of the gospel can even be sentenced by our worldly courts for breaking the second table of God’s law!  The world can correctly find gross sins in their lives.  Then, too—I know by experience, when I taught catechism classes fifty years ago—there were then already and are Christian schools that have, for all those years already taught theistic evolution, which implies that God is a liar when He moved Moses to write the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis the way he did.  He, Satan, also moved the churches to teach that God loves the world, even though God Himself, through John wrote, “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.  If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”  Note:  The love of God is not in them that love the world, God says here!  I John 2:15. The devil has also gotten churches to hold on to and maintain, and even to fight to defend, the lie that God can be stopped by man, and fail to get done what He wants.  He, they claim, offers salvation, pleads and begs sinners and patiently waits as He invites them to accept Christ and be saved by performing the work of faith which He asks them, yea pleads with them, to produce.  And how can He Who created the whole universe with all its amazing creatures be frustrated by a creature whose every heartbeat depends upon this almighty Creator?  How dare men preach that man can frustrate God?  How can they teach that the unchangeable God can change, and in fact can be changed by man who depends entirely upon Him?  His name is Jehovah, which means I AM.  But He changes—in fact is changed by man—if He invites incapable men to become saved, and then casts them into hell for not fulfilling the condition that He has presented to them.  He then stops being Savior to them.

By all means, young people, do not seek a husband or wife who believes that our Creator has that weakness and is not the I AM, but is an I Can By Man Be Changed!  By all means do not marry someone who will teach your children that lie!  Seek a husband or wife who takes firm hold of Ephesians 2:8-10, which our Creator moved Paul to write, because it is the truth.  We are saved by grace, not by our work of accepting Christ.  The faith through which we are saved is God’s gift to us, not what we give Him.  We are His workmanship and are saved by works of God.  As He says through Paul, “Not of works lest any man should boast.”  This conditional theology teaches that man can keep God from getting what He wants.  He has control over God.

Remember Lot’s wife.  She misled her daughters, and doing so led them into sin.  Do not seek a husband or wife whom Satan will use to get you and your coming children into his camp and away from the sovereign Creator Whom you must remember in all that you seek and do.  Remember what happens when one gets a husband or wife who insists on false doctrines and on evil practices.  God made Eve to be an help meet for Adam.  The wife or husband must help in spiritual things, not in getting you to fail to remember your Creator.  The word “meet” in the statement “help meet” means suitable, fit for Adam in his calling to remember his Creator.  Man and wife must work together in the truth and in serving their Creator.