Remember Your Creator

Remember in your youthful days

The Lord your God alone;

He formed you long before your birth

And chose you for His own.


He shaped your body and your mind,

He gave you talents too,

That you might render thanks to Him

In everything you do.


The time allotted you on earth

Is not your own to use –

It’s His; and only for His praise

And glory must you choose.


And when, because of sinful lust,

You follow evil ways,

Repent; resolve to do the right

In all succeeding days.


He hears the prayers of those who seek

Forgiveness for their sin.

In fact, contrite you come to Him

Because He works within.


Assurance of His love and grace

He gives with lib’ral hand.

His strength upholds you in your need

 And causes you to stand.


You cannot face the onslaughts of

The devil and his host,

For there is nothing of yourself

On which your soul can boast.


But he who comes, in. sorrow clothed,

Shall not be put to shame.

The cross of Christ erases guilt. 

All glory to His Name!